Sunday, November 30, 2014

Confronting its Existence "The first step to eradicating the scourge of modern slavery is acknowledging and confronting its existence," she said. Theresa May.....(article is here)

This quote is important to understand. Many people walk around and purposely ignore what truly is occurring around them. For some, it is because they don't want to believe that "such a thing" is occurring. This quote you will find will hold deep truth in other areas of society and not just with a article about slavery in the UK. There are many people and groups of people who feel they are greater than others because of wealth and power, this mind set is part of the "old guard," this mind set is also coming to an end because of the wealth of self education available via the internet and exposure because of the internet. The "old guard" thrived in this world that hide what they do because of their wealth and power/social status, it is coming to an end. There are still some newspapers in existence that will not go against certain people because of their social status.
One of the more recognizable names that this happen with is Bill Cosby (that's a good link for an example) who recently became exposed by social media, weather you believe it or not "something went on," just by the shear numbers of woman coming forward with a report about drugging and then raping. When you knowingly drug someone with the purpose of having sex with them, that is rape, many people confuse rape and what or how about it comes about. He had complete "intent" and it is not a misunderstanding what consensual sex is.
Many more exposures will come to light soon as people become educated via the internet.The old guard continues to fight this and is some what "shock" and this evolving society and the way people think. Many of the old guard exists in the Middle East (predominately). It is more of a mind set than an age thing. But it came from the "baby boomers" and generations before them. This does not mean if your a "baby boomer" that you are part of the old guard.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sound Mixing

It a "blast" to do something you love doing, in my case it is sound mixing for music. I was given the opportunity to mix sound for the Bel Airs this season and invited back for next season in which I'm already looking forward to. Some people like golfing some like I like mixing sound and seeing people enjoy it.My only complaint is that there wasn't enough shows.I only forgot to bring PA speakers once during the season, fortunately the venue we played at had it's own speakers to use, this was the only venue that had it's own speakers.
  • May 31 (Saturday) Newmarket Heritage Festival, Newmarket, 5:30 pm for one hour
  • Jun 7 (Saturday Night) Alcott Auditorium 93 Laurel St. Concord, MA 01742 8 PM two 50 min. sets, end by 10 pm.
  • Jun 17 (Tuesday Evening)- Seashell Stage, Hampton Beach. 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM, two one hour sets
  • Jun 24 (Tuesday Night) Henniker Town Concert, Henniker, 7 pm for 2 hours
  • Jun 25 (Thursday Night) Cruise Night at Ridgewood Center, Bedford, about 6:30/7:00ish length tbd (TENTATIVE)
  • Jun 28 (Saturday Night) “Back Room” at The Mill Ice Cream Cafe, 7:30 pm for two hours with a 15 minute break.
  • Jun 30 (Monday Night) Nashua Summer Concert, Greeley Park, Nashua, 7 pm for 1 ½ hours
  • Jul 6 (Sunday Evening) York Beach Town Concert, York, ME, 7:00 pm for two hours
  • Jul 7 (Monday Night) M/S Mt. Washington, 6:00 pm for three hours Arrive 4:30 to 5 pm
  • Jul 17 (Thursday Evening) Bristol Town Concert, Bristol, 6:30 pm for 1 ½ hours with no break
  • Jul 19 (Saturday Evening) Wells Town Concert, Wells, ME, 6:30 pm for two hours, two 50 minute sets
  • Jul 23 (Wednesday Evening) Fernald Park, Farmington, 6 pm for one hour
  • Jul 24 (Thursday Evening) Greenland Town Concert, Greenland, 6:00 PM for two hours
  • Aug 6 (Wednesday Evening) Plymouth summer concert, Plymouth, 7:00 pm for 1 1/2 hours,
  • Aug 7 (Thursday Evening) NH Vet’s Home “Cruise Night,” Tilton, Pavilion, 6 pm, for two 50 minute sets
  • Aug 8 (Friday Evening) Shirley Town Concert, Shirley, MA, 6:30 pm for one and a half hours
  • Aug 13 (Wednesday Night) Merrimack Summer Concert, Merrimack, 6:30 PM for 2 hours.
  • Aug 15 (Friday Evening)- Seashell Stage, Hampton Beach. 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM, two one hour sets
  • Aug 20 (Wednesday Afternoon) Webster at Rye, Rye, 11:30 am
  • Aug 20 (Wednesday Evening)- Milford Town Concert, Milford, 7 PM for one and a half hours (no break)
  • Aug 23 (Saturday Night) Wolfeboro Town Concert, Wolfeboro, 7:00 pm for two hours,
  • Sep 5 (Friday Evening) Good Sam Club, Fryeburg, ME, Begin about 7:45 pm for two hours with no break
  • Sep 12 (Friday Evening) Putnam Fund, Laconia, time TBD
  • Dec 21 (Sunday Afternoon) NH Veterans Home, Tilton, Town Hall, 2:30 pm for one hour

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Temporary Employment

There is a trend occurring in the construction trades that will evolve in a short amount of time due directly to Obama care.That trend is for use of temporary employees. Constant use of temporary employees is illegal but most businesses use it year after year. The only company I have heard of that got hit with the law is General Electric. I can't find the reference online but they were hit hard by a judge with back pay and fines. The trend will become permanent meaning most companies and mainly large companies will only use temporary employees as workers and having the temp company handle benefits reducing the companies reliance on internal personal department = reduced over head cost. Most small business that can't afford health insurance and don't know about temp employee companies will not last long because they can not afford to attract employees because of not being able to offer insurance. This is the "mom and pop" operations. In time larger companies will also use this temp service when they need new help and not hire regular employees. This goes on now but will get to a point were companies in general will not have employees of there own but solely use temporary help as workers.I don't know if this is good or bad but in the construction industry it makes sense to use companies that have a "pool" of trained personal to use when you have work and relieve the stress on companies to find work for their staff and laying off people, and the costs associated with the both. Again what will occur is the business itself will only be a management company with minimum employees. With the trades this will be good for the worker and not a negative. Supply and demand will dictate pay and not the current system of pay raises every year as an automatic. The reason this will be good for the next 20 years is that "the baby boomer" generation is retiring and the supply of available workers in the trades will dry up. The pay increase curve will rise with a supply and demand model and you will make more than the yearly raise model. At about 20 years the word will get out to the general public that its worth working hard for a living again, the current rumor is that its not worth working hard for a living and can make the same or more out side of the construction trades. This is currently reversing. President Obama has ignored a health care system that works for all citizens which is done in Canada. in Canada every body is covered regardless of employment status, sounds like the correct way don't it? Small businesses can not afford to pay for health insurance for it's employees. Obama care forces the working class to seek out employers who offer health care insurance, other wise be subject to fines for not having it. You don't hear large companies complaining about Obama as president because they are fully aware of this trend with regard to small businesses suffering in the long term directly because of Obama care. The local plumber or electrician will cease to exist like what Walmart and Target did to the local retailer and what Home Depot did to the local saw mill. Is this a bad thing? It depends on your view, personally I like shopping at Walmart because I know I'm not being ripped off. Recently I went to a local retailer for a charger for my laptop that didn't work. I was happy with myself because I was going to shop at a small retailer here in Manchester, NH and support local mom and pop operation. Well they wanted $30.00 bux usd used and $40.00 for a new one. Generally you half a new price in the used market so I didn't buy it. I went to Best Buy and they wanted $44.00 bux. I went on Ebay and guess what? I purchased one for $9.95 usd with free shipping all I had to do was wait 3 days for it's arrival. Stay tuned....

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