Friday, January 23, 2015


OK this has been on my mind all week with head hunting for the New England Patriots. Could the problem with the footballs being under inflated have been because the footballs were inflated in a heated room and when check were check out side in the cold air. Meaning the air was cold when checked for pressure. Heated air and cold air measure different pressures. How do i know this? My car has a display with the tire pressures on it. One of the sensors is broken so the display is constantly reading what the tire pressures are. When the tires are heated up from driving around the pressure rises upwards of 4 psi more with the hot air in the tires. Could this be the same problem with the footballs? The pressure first measured indoors and then measured outdoors with an incorrect differential recorded? Incorrect because the conditions were different: cold air vs hot air. This is why dealers and race cars use nitrogen to inflate tires because it does not change as much. They don't use "regular," what you breath, air. Also humidity in the air helps change pressure as well with fluctuations in temperature. As the NFL tries to rip apart a legacy the New England Patriots franchise has created through direct effort(hard work from players and management), have they talked to anybody about these two points that I have just made? Just a thought.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Breed Some

Got my 8th demo up on ReverbNation, song called Breed Some. Song came about while I was "jamming out" another song I have in mind to write. I just took a break from jamming the song and came up with this one. It took 2 day and a case of Coors Light to get through it. The song is not a pervert type of song but is in a angled way about people's openness to a more exotic life style than once was. The whole society as a whole. People are more open than in past generations. That's what I had in mind while writing the lyrics. Thanks for checking it out

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chicken breast war update

As reported in a previous writing called: chicken breast war between Walmart and Market Basket it appears, although not yet confirmed, that Market Basket has lowered their price on boneless, skinless chicken breast to $1.99 per pound and have given up on setting the price at $2.99 per pound. I noticed this this morning while shopping for fat free sour cream and $.99 cent tomatoes for my chicken nachos.They are not advertising the price which makes me believe the price has changed back for good ...stay tuned