Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Chinese Peak

originally I wrote this in 2009 while hanging around the coffee shops of Portsmouth NH, I had gotten divorce for the second time and was enjoying being myself again, and have updated it today due to some recent headlines that need attention.
The Chinese government understands that their society does not understand quality in workmanship when building products. So doesn't the world at this point. The government's answer is to build Universities to educate the population. This goes against communism in a way that communism thrives on uneducated people. Pol Pot of Cambodia executed millions of his country men and women for simply being educated or even having an opinion on any given subject. They spoke of keeping the people of Cambodia simple and to live by simple ways of life.That technology is the devil (or what ever your interpretation of the devil is). Most of the time it is referred to "Western Ways" of doing things but you don't hear that as much today because "Western Ways" are bleeding into society of every nation on planet earth via the internet. It's the way people want to live and express them selves.
Anyways back to the Chinese government. In building Universities and allowing their people to become educated this will in time will have a reverse affect on communism. This will become an inertia of thought and knowledge.The more the people become educated the more they will denounce communism.
The government has allowed complete destruction of country. drinking water is becoming scarce and breathing fresh air is uncommon in city life. They have such polluted air that you can not exercise in Beijing. There are no fish in streams and rivers that surround cities. They have no Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) like we have here in the USA. They could care less about the world community and basically do what they want with out concern to the environment. Soon their children will start being born with birth defects because of exposure to chemicals, women will be, while pregnant.In that article they talk about the affects of air pollutant being unclear yet in this article about direct contact is clear. Saturating the air with solvents becomes direct contact. It will also have an effect on the world air quality as the pollutants start to migrate around the world via air currents and destruction of the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere.Once these effects start to happen it will be hard to reverse the effects.
One problem that awaits is when things come to a halt in China with regard to production of goods because of the destruction they are causing, there will be limited countries to turn to for production of goods because they are non existent. This will have an affect on the world economy because we will pay more or much more for products this is the short term view. Long term will be most countries will start to recognize the importance of being self reliant. Not to rely on outside sources in a substantial way; meaning: to sole source in your own country because sole source from other countries can and will have tremendous impact, we in the USA have seen this with oil.Today we are becoming more self reliant on oil and results are obvious. We only see this in gas because we don't produce goods today other wise it would be across the board. The negative impact of China's fall will be short lived because of profit. The USA and other countries will quickly rebuild their production houses. The only way to combat this is to have a world EPA like NATO and enforceable by blocking exports of non compliant countries. China is non compliant.
Today in this era is the peak of communistic China, they will from here descend down ward until they reach a democracy.
This writing does not mean I don't like the people of China, you can note how I specifically stated Chinese government, I mention that because I know a small group of people will think that i don't like people from the Asia and that would be a false, if not ignorant, statement.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Confronting its Existence "The first step to eradicating the scourge of modern slavery is acknowledging and confronting its existence," she said. Theresa May.....(article is here)

This quote is important to understand. Many people walk around and purposely ignore what truly is occurring around them. For some, it is because they don't want to believe that "such a thing" is occurring. This quote you will find will hold deep truth in other areas of society and not just with a article about slavery in the UK. There are many people and groups of people who feel they are greater than others because of wealth and power, this mind set is part of the "old guard," this mind set is also coming to an end because of the wealth of self education available via the internet and exposure because of the internet. The "old guard" thrived in this world that hide what they do because of their wealth and power/social status, it is coming to an end. There are still some newspapers in existence that will not go against certain people because of their social status.
One of the more recognizable names that this happen with is Bill Cosby (that's a good link for an example) who recently became exposed by social media, weather you believe it or not "something went on," just by the shear numbers of woman coming forward with a report about drugging and then raping. When you knowingly drug someone with the purpose of having sex with them, that is rape, many people confuse rape and what or how about it comes about. He had complete "intent" and it is not a misunderstanding what consensual sex is.
Many more exposures will come to light soon as people become educated via the internet.The old guard continues to fight this and is some what "shock" and this evolving society and the way people think. Many of the old guard exists in the Middle East (predominately). It is more of a mind set than an age thing. But it came from the "baby boomers" and generations before them. This does not mean if your a "baby boomer" that you are part of the old guard.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sound Mixing

It a "blast" to do something you love doing, in my case it is sound mixing for music. I was given the opportunity to mix sound for the Bel Airs this season and invited back for next season in which I'm already looking forward to. Some people like golfing some like I like mixing sound and seeing people enjoy it.My only complaint is that there wasn't enough shows.I only forgot to bring PA speakers once during the season, fortunately the venue we played at had it's own speakers to use, this was the only venue that had it's own speakers.
  • May 31 (Saturday) Newmarket Heritage Festival, Newmarket, 5:30 pm for one hour
  • Jun 7 (Saturday Night) Alcott Auditorium 93 Laurel St. Concord, MA 01742 8 PM two 50 min. sets, end by 10 pm.
  • Jun 17 (Tuesday Evening)- Seashell Stage, Hampton Beach. 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM, two one hour sets
  • Jun 24 (Tuesday Night) Henniker Town Concert, Henniker, 7 pm for 2 hours
  • Jun 25 (Thursday Night) Cruise Night at Ridgewood Center, Bedford, about 6:30/7:00ish length tbd (TENTATIVE)
  • Jun 28 (Saturday Night) “Back Room” at The Mill Ice Cream Cafe, 7:30 pm for two hours with a 15 minute break.
  • Jun 30 (Monday Night) Nashua Summer Concert, Greeley Park, Nashua, 7 pm for 1 ½ hours
  • Jul 6 (Sunday Evening) York Beach Town Concert, York, ME, 7:00 pm for two hours
  • Jul 7 (Monday Night) M/S Mt. Washington, 6:00 pm for three hours Arrive 4:30 to 5 pm
  • Jul 17 (Thursday Evening) Bristol Town Concert, Bristol, 6:30 pm for 1 ½ hours with no break
  • Jul 19 (Saturday Evening) Wells Town Concert, Wells, ME, 6:30 pm for two hours, two 50 minute sets
  • Jul 23 (Wednesday Evening) Fernald Park, Farmington, 6 pm for one hour
  • Jul 24 (Thursday Evening) Greenland Town Concert, Greenland, 6:00 PM for two hours
  • Aug 6 (Wednesday Evening) Plymouth summer concert, Plymouth, 7:00 pm for 1 1/2 hours,
  • Aug 7 (Thursday Evening) NH Vet’s Home “Cruise Night,” Tilton, Pavilion, 6 pm, for two 50 minute sets
  • Aug 8 (Friday Evening) Shirley Town Concert, Shirley, MA, 6:30 pm for one and a half hours
  • Aug 13 (Wednesday Night) Merrimack Summer Concert, Merrimack, 6:30 PM for 2 hours.
  • Aug 15 (Friday Evening)- Seashell Stage, Hampton Beach. 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM, two one hour sets
  • Aug 20 (Wednesday Afternoon) Webster at Rye, Rye, 11:30 am
  • Aug 20 (Wednesday Evening)- Milford Town Concert, Milford, 7 PM for one and a half hours (no break)
  • Aug 23 (Saturday Night) Wolfeboro Town Concert, Wolfeboro, 7:00 pm for two hours,
  • Sep 5 (Friday Evening) Good Sam Club, Fryeburg, ME, Begin about 7:45 pm for two hours with no break
  • Sep 12 (Friday Evening) Putnam Fund, Laconia, time TBD
  • Dec 21 (Sunday Afternoon) NH Veterans Home, Tilton, Town Hall, 2:30 pm for one hour

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Temporary Employment

There is a trend occurring in the construction trades that will evolve in a short amount of time due directly to Obama care.That trend is for use of temporary employees. Constant use of temporary employees is illegal but most businesses use it year after year. The only company I have heard of that got hit with the law is General Electric. I can't find the reference online but they were hit hard by a judge with back pay and fines. The trend will become permanent meaning most companies and mainly large companies will only use temporary employees as workers and having the temp company handle benefits reducing the companies reliance on internal personal department = reduced over head cost. Most small business that can't afford health insurance and don't know about temp employee companies will not last long because they can not afford to attract employees because of not being able to offer insurance. This is the "mom and pop" operations. In time larger companies will also use this temp service when they need new help and not hire regular employees. This goes on now but will get to a point were companies in general will not have employees of there own but solely use temporary help as workers.I don't know if this is good or bad but in the construction industry it makes sense to use companies that have a "pool" of trained personal to use when you have work and relieve the stress on companies to find work for their staff and laying off people, and the costs associated with the both. Again what will occur is the business itself will only be a management company with minimum employees. With the trades this will be good for the worker and not a negative. Supply and demand will dictate pay and not the current system of pay raises every year as an automatic. The reason this will be good for the next 20 years is that "the baby boomer" generation is retiring and the supply of available workers in the trades will dry up. The pay increase curve will rise with a supply and demand model and you will make more than the yearly raise model. At about 20 years the word will get out to the general public that its worth working hard for a living again, the current rumor is that its not worth working hard for a living and can make the same or more out side of the construction trades. This is currently reversing. President Obama has ignored a health care system that works for all citizens which is done in Canada. in Canada every body is covered regardless of employment status, sounds like the correct way don't it? Small businesses can not afford to pay for health insurance for it's employees. Obama care forces the working class to seek out employers who offer health care insurance, other wise be subject to fines for not having it. You don't hear large companies complaining about Obama as president because they are fully aware of this trend with regard to small businesses suffering in the long term directly because of Obama care. The local plumber or electrician will cease to exist like what Walmart and Target did to the local retailer and what Home Depot did to the local saw mill. Is this a bad thing? It depends on your view, personally I like shopping at Walmart because I know I'm not being ripped off. Recently I went to a local retailer for a charger for my laptop that didn't work. I was happy with myself because I was going to shop at a small retailer here in Manchester, NH and support local mom and pop operation. Well they wanted $30.00 bux usd used and $40.00 for a new one. Generally you half a new price in the used market so I didn't buy it. I went to Best Buy and they wanted $44.00 bux. I went on Ebay and guess what? I purchased one for $9.95 usd with free shipping all I had to do was wait 3 days for it's arrival. Stay tuned....

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Red Sky Mary

Local New Hampshire band worth every minute of checking out is a group called: Red Sky Mary they have a bluesy rock sound that's worth checking out. Currently they are playing small venues that you will need to show up early to, to see them. There sound has massive tone and major league groove. The singer is also an instrument on its own, which is hard to find. I talk to one member to hook up with a club in Manchester NH, they were touring in every town but Manchester. listen check this band out if you have not heard of them and see them live in support...Dess

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Log On Voting

I'm still waiting for the day when I can log on to a "voting" site and cast my vote for local and national politicians. Today it is still necessary to go to voting "booths" to vote for politicians and local law support. As far as representation is concerned it is not needed any more with online voting in place, people will be able to represent them selves. So a representation of what the people want would no longer be needed but only a means of writing or presenting new "bills"(laws) is needed. With today's security online this is very much possible but not in support with political mind set to keep the working class out of voting. The harder it is to vote the better according to the "old guard" in this world.There is no excuse for not having online voting. The only excuse is that local politics will become extinct. This is because we will no longer have a need for "representation" by local politicians. We could simply log on and cast our vote individually.You would not want to do this with international affairs or nation issues.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

Lyric Shortage

Currently I am trying to get a hold of my daughters. I am short on lyric's and when I talk to or hang out with them, I end up with plenty of ammo for another song. Currently have 6 with 4 published as demo's. Nicole, who inspired a song coming up refuses to talk to me for reasons between me and her, other than I will say that apparently the buzz word for the month for ages 15-25 is "pathetic,"(it sounds like she hanging around her Aunt(x-wife's side)). Stef and Jaxx I am not sure why there not talking to me( I lift what they say and use them for lyrics). Look it girls I need more material please call or better yet invite me over I am dry of lyric's. Please I beg of you. Dess

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chicken Breast Wars

I've been monitoring the Walmart and Market Basket chicken breast war of the last week and it looks like Walmart is coming out on top. Market Basket has figured that they are going to set the price of chicken breasts at $2.99 per pound. Walmart carries chicken breast at $1.99 per pound. Market Basket use to carry chicken breast at $1.99 per#. Then out of know where they raised the price a dollar apparently hoping other super markets will follow suit. Well MB, you have miss calculated Walmart because they are not following you. You see MB, Walmart runs the show not you.They set the price on food products and you will follow them. MB has raised the price back to $2.99 per#. Walmart is at $1.79 per#. They lowered the price. Walmart is probably breaking even on the chicken breast but the hope is that shoppers will buy other products while in the store buying their chicken breast at an unbeatable price of $1.79 per#. I confirmed that today; not only did I buy two packages of chicken breast but also bought $40.00 of additional products at Walmart. So the "get me in the door" price is working. As long as Walmart keeps chicken breast at or below 2 bucks I will return as a consumer and drive buy 2 MB"s to get there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


You know your living in a good era when Dodge comes out with 707HP motor to stuff in the Dodge Challenger and Charger engine compartment. Look for it next spring in 2015 and also look for a 10 month waiting list to get behind the wheel of one. The Chevy Z06 Corvette will be out the same year with 650HP as a comparison, the Stingray 450hp. These cars are "bone stock" straight from the factory with no modifications required to meet advertised Horse Power. Ya, it's supercharged and ya, it's a Hemi.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Social Networking and the future of terrorism

I have mentioned in past posts about social networking and how it will be breaking down walls in different cultures and the world slowly evolving into one world. Currently we have boarders set up by "the old guard" in this world that is slowly eroding away due directly to the internet and social networking.I personally connect with people around the world because it flat out is cool. I look into their worlds via social networking and immediate notice the difference in cultures. These difference will erode in time, watch it will happen sooner than anticipated.Communism will cease to exist because of this and there is no stopping it, the internet is too vast to control. The down side to this is as follows:triggers will be sent out via the internet and social networking by groups of people, terrorists,that have never meet or will ever meet but signals to cause terrorism in their country on certain times and dates. These certain times and dates will attract other groups to get involved in this form of terrorism to make a connection that they are a part of it or for the headlines.It will be in the form of random acts of terror. New boarders will need to be formed over the internet to stop it, there is no other way to do so. This will be the NEW form of boundaries of countries.Internet channels will become monitored by government of individual countries, it will be too late for certain forms of government mainly communism. People will not tolerate any form of it, simply they have had enough.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rock 101 and Asia

Listening to rock 101, as I usually do, this morning and Greg Kretschmar of The Morning Buzz,decided to play some music from Asia, not the country of but pop band from the 80's, you will not see me say rock band, Asia not rock and roll.In the morning show they play some old classics on occasion as a through back for good memories. Greg apparently likes Asia as when he was talking about the band before playing the song I thought to my self "there's no way he is going to play that song on the radio." (I forget the song's name and looked up Asia on YouTube for a short time to try to find the song to reference but just couldn't bare the music and stopped looking). Well he played it...that's when me and 30% of his morning listeners decided to change the channel. He made a good case for program directors no matter how popular you are on radio. Turns out I'm glad I did turn the station. I road the radio stations up until I hit a song I liked. The song wasBananas by Gwen Stafani, major league POP song but it reminded me about driving in my red 1996 Chevy Barrera, I owned when the song came out with my 3 daughter. We would turn up that song on the radio and sing as loud as we could while cruising around. Those times were some of the best times of my life, hanging with my girls. Ya know what? That song was good then and still good today. As some say "standing the test of time."

Sunday, September 21, 2014


By the way Kay, in my song Better Looking Lone, Bettie Gill is you, I extracted that verse from your photo on Facebook the one where your laying on the bed with your legs spread (cloths on). "Betty Gill she such a freak, laying there and looking kind neat ya," Gill came from the stadium I live near in Manchester NH, Bettie is reference to Bettie Pagepersonally I have always admired Bettie Page because she show cased what people liked in the 1950's which was taboo at the time. In that same song are the verses, I don't know and I don't care, these are from my daughters: Jaxx and Stephanie (the princess of the family), Jaclyn is always saying "IDK" or "I don't know" on Facebook, that's all i here from her,I could ask her "what day is it?" and the reply will be "I don't know." Princess is always telling me "I don't care."( i know she does care but she likes saying that to me). In "Better looking Lone " that's where I got those lyrics from.I do my best to get my lyrics from social media or the internet in one form or another and in the future I will better explain where the lyrics come from. I believe it makes a song 10 times more interesting when you know where it came from. 2 more coming out by 2nd week in October with full explanation on where the lyrics came from. I haven't been doing it because the first 4 songs have been EP status(4 to 6 songs) and for psychological reasons I needed to exit EP status in which I will be doing in October and entering LP status.Song writing is difficult and many people don't realize it until they sit down and try to write a song. The first 9 songs that I plan to do are recent or fresh songs, I have many more that I have written but not applied guitar too and are currently only lyrics. Later, stay tuned

Sunday, August 3, 2014

4th demo

Got my 4th demo up on Dess Dermondy, thank's for checking it out. Song is called "Lets Do It In Vegas"

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Facebook update

Somebody let Facebook know that it is well past the High school friend thing and they need to up date before somebody beats them to it.People are looking to connect with other people who are into the same thing they are and are doing it on Facebook. Punk rockers are putting punk rock in their job category to attract other punk rockers. Facebook best interest is address this. Sometimes in business it is your customers who direct your business and you need to be aware of this. If your customers want something give it to them. Personally I am connecting with people in China, Europe, Japan and South America for no reason other than I think its cool to connect with people around the world. This is the direction that we are headed in. The old walls that countries have built to keep their citizens in check are coming down. The old ways are coming to an end. I will talk about this more in the future. People are connecting around the world with others and are learning new cultures and new ways of thinking through the internet and social networking. The world is becoming one. As powerful that sounds it is true but will take time to develop and recognized. China knows this and is limiting online viewing by its citizens. This will fail in the long run. People will become more interested because of the block. That's the short version, hope you understand what I am saying.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kay Kaos inspiration

Hay for people asking me why I am not writing, the reason is I am working on songs and it consumes most of my free time so be cool and stay tuned and thanks for checking in, next demo will be Vegas a "fun" tune about traveling to Vegas inspired by a "Facebook Friend" named Kay Kaos. I am also the Audio Tech/Roadie for a Doo Wop group called the Bel Airs and the season is in full swing. This is on top of my full time job during the day in the sheet metal union, local 17, as a fabricator/mechanic, a job that I am grateful to have. Dig life

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Courtney Love

3rd demo(rough draft)that is closer to final product rather than demo. The video shows you how I extracted the words for the song. No real hiding meanings other than the verse: giving butterflies, which means a young mans butterflies in his stomach, which is hard to explain other than one's desire for some one because of who they are and what their doing.Satan's drool is referring to the pill taking that the two did during the early 90's. Pills start out as liquid and dry in a mold. Hope you like the song as much as I do and thanks for checking it out Courtney Love

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hells Angels 1975

Hells Angels 1975 First off I want and need to state something right out of the gate with this essay. I am not nor have been a member of but do respect the Hells Angels for whom and what they stand for. This essay is not intended to piss any one off and is a story that is part of my life.

The year was 1975; I had just been released from a Federal Prison known as the Prospect Hill Projects located in Waltham Massachusetts. It was a crime to be poor in those days and we were felons. My mother was remarrying a man named Bill at a wedding fit for magazines complete with waterfalls and lilacs. The wedding was held in Lincoln Massachusetts which has a bylaw that you are required to maintain 1.2 million in your bank account. Apparently my mother was dreaming of this day because she had it all perfect, any women’s dream. After the wedding and wedding pictures that 10 years later be thrown out, we headed back to my new Uncles house in Lexington MA. And my new cousin, JJ, who I would become good grade school friends with. It was a picture perfect day for older folks to hang out and get stoned on booze. Being 10 years old, I became quickly bored hanging around older people who were busy talking about things I didn’t understand I headed out to the outer reaches of the back yard. At the back of the yard are thickly settled woods with much brush to keep the over 30 crowd from entering. 10 is a perfect age to look for creepy crawler things that tend to hide under rocks and fallen trees. I had been in the wood most likely an hour which for a 10 year old feels like 10 minutes. I was wondering closer to a highway that was at the end of the woods yet fenced off from allowing kids and wild animals to be plowed over by oncoming traffic. I watched trucks and cars pass and started to do the count game on how many 18 wheelers went by. The highway upstream from where I stood has a long bend in which you cannot see the oncoming cars and trucks. A loud monstrous noise started gaining volume as time went on. I waited and watched the highway to see what was that noise was from. Maybe a minute or so passed. A minute is a long time if you watch it on a clock. There it was, loud sleek and vivid, the cause of all that noise entered my sight. They were motorcycle riders but different than the ones you see on a normal day. Dozens upon dozens came around the bend in the highway, some 2 abreast some single and loud. They were a group called the Hells Angels and I knew it because it was written on the back of their jackets complete with a symbol that you only need to see once and you never forget: the Deaths Head. The word”Massachusetts” written on the bottom of their jackets. I held on to the fence with my two hands and I don't believe that I breathed while they passed. I had never seen this sight before only the brick walls of the projects and the tar that paved the streets in the projects. I later learned they were on their way to a funeral for a member named DeFalice who was a wild Angel from the Salem MA Chapter. He had crashed while riding his bike down a side walk at full tilt, clipped a pole and that was the end.In Lexington Massachusetts on the corner of Pelham Rd and Massachusetts ave. During a parade that is held yearly in Lexington to celebrate Paul Revers ride from Boston MA to Concord MA. His patch later turned up in a yard sale in which it was bought and brought back to the Salem chapter at least that is what I was told, sources for the history of what went on were from several people that I use to or still do know, I just haven't seen them in 25 years. Ya I asked around to find this out years later (5-7 years later at the time). One person stood as they passed, a women wearing a spotted fur coat. She had long blond hair well passed her shoulders. With long leather boots, I watched her for no apparent reason and a picture of her is frozen in my memory. It was at this point in my life that I realized that there was something else going on in the world. Meaning, all I knew till this point was school and the project life and not much else. I went to the library to find out more about them. Not much was written at the time but what I did notice was they were at rock festivals and such. There were pictures in books with that patch at rock concerts and were ever there was action. The Hells Angels had this tendency to be where the action was. This was all preinternet so I wasn’t able to Google the name. Later I found a couple of books written on the Angels. Hunter S. Thompson and one by an Angel named Freewheeln Frank. There are also a couple of magazines that had written stories about them. I guess you could say I researched them because I even took the bus to Boston to look up books at the library there and that’s when I found the magazines. Some of the people that associated with them: rock musicians, Allen Ginsberg,William Burroughs, Michael McClure, Emmett Grogan and other writers from the generation of the 60’s, remember this was the late 70’s when I started to research the Angels. Emmett Grogan is the person who started "Meals on Wheels"in San Francisco while a member of the Hells Angels MC Frisco Chapter. He was also part of an organization called Diggers.I started to read about these folks and found myself reading philosophy in the 9th grade. You don't read philosophy in the 9th grade. I did. I also started to explore music with bands like Jimi Hendrix, MC5, Janis Joplin and other 60’s musician that I had never heard of and most likely never would of until years later if I had not started to research the Angels. By the end of high school I was well read in philosophy and poetry by the names I mentioned earlier. I had excelled myself academically by simply seeing the Hell Angels. Interesting what can trigger ones thirst for knowledge. I have written a song called Pink Diamond Red that goes out to members of Angels for living the life they want to because most people don't. The meaning of the song is only in the title. Pink: meaning a young man, Diamond: meaning a man conforming to society’s ways by getting married which is what is taught to us and Red: realizing that you’re not living the life you want to and drop out of society and become a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The words in the song are just basic rock and roll and the meaning is only in the title which is different than usual which is fitting for the song if you think about it(non conforming) and understand what I am saying. That was done purposely. I wrote the song in 2010 while living in Portsmouth NH. The words started to come to me after seeing a pencil drawing of Joey Ramone and listening to the Pretenders. It was a thunderous rainy night. And that is what I will admit to as far as the song goes a lot more went on and there are other song writers who know what I mean. The music end of the song I came up with this year after practicing guitar and making a formal decision that I am sticking with music. The song is in demo form on ReverbNation stay tuned.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A definition of Rock and Roll

If anybody needs Rock&Roll defined click here Aerosmith on YouTube in Huston TX 1977, This show defines what Rock and Roll is. Its Raw and its rock.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Internet Addiction (?)

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk that we are addicted to the internet today. Well this is promoted by television wanting people to believe that they are not of the norm in society. That turning to the internet for news and other types of programming is wrong and we are addicted like addicted to drugs. Sorry folks in TV land we are not addicted to the internet, we are turning to the internet because this is where we prefer to turn to for our news (as an example). We no longer wait until 6pm for the evening news to tell us what’s happening in the world or locally. We turn to the internet like Microsoft’s portal “MSN.” We check out the news that I want to watch and know more about not what you think we should know and learn about. Some of the “relics” in society are fighting change and the old man in them that resists change is upset and calls this an addiction. I wonder how much money they are paying to promote internet usage as an addiction. To somehow make people feel bad about themselves because they turn to the internet. How many out here actually watch the evening news. I don't and haven’t for years now. Ya know some nights I just don't want to know who shot who. I prefer to look up positive things that make me glad to be alive and laugh. Get over it old man, the internet is here to stay and your cash is not going to change that, we enjoy it too much. Hay check out “MSN,” every day they run a video they found on YouTube, front page. Something that a regular person put together and published and is now parts of a million homes, if that isn’t cool then I don’t know what cool is. Change your ways old man or more over.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Make Music Plymouth

I worked yesterday at the Plymouth, NH Music Festival called “Make Music Plymouth”. Over 50 bands set up and jammed on the street corners in down town Plymouth NH, real cool. It wasn’t your standard acoustic sets. There were live, wired for sound, guitars and complete drum sets. Most downtown affairs consist of acoustic sets (boring), not here, electric guitars dominated the event. This is going to be an annual event so stay tuned. It’s easy to remember the date because it’s the first day of summer. The best part was the whole thing is free.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cumberland Farms Gas

Cumberland Farms is offering a great deal for customer loyalty on their gas but wait, I am going to wait until lighting strikes. The theory is that lighting wont strike in the same spot twice and generally is a good bet. Cumberland Farms is begging for Hackers with a Capital H to come in and “lift” all the bank accounts from its patrons. Look it, Cumberland Farms is on to something with regard to lowering its gas price by 10 cents if it is allowed to link to your bank account. As of this writing they have not been Hacked but rest assured they will be. I am a big fan of 10 cents off of gas and have been tempted to turn over my banking information for a reduction in fuel cost. I refuse to until they are Hacked. Once they are Hacked then I know they will spend some money on security, computer security. Right now nobody is going to tell me that Cumberland Farms is spending large cash amounts to save your banking info. This is where Hackers love to Hack into. By the way Hackers are on my top ten things to fear list. They are capable of causing years of lingering harm. I go to Cumberland Farms almost daily for their buck coffee. One dollar for coffee is a good price and I can get two for the price of one as compared to Dunkin Donuts, from what I here is up to 2 and ½ dollars per cup. I don't know the neighborhood you’re living in but in mine, that’s a steep price. Especially when down the street its half the price. Just thought I would give you my views on the gas savings. Me, I am waiting for that large lightning bolt to hit then I will think about it.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Your interpretation of him does not matter, your faith in him does.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Les Paul or SG

I've been looking at guitars lately and which one I would like. I have been stuck between a Les Paul and SG. For a bit I was looking into an Ibanez which I still haven't ruled out. One thing I did decide on is that you cant have a guitar that's better looking than you. The guitar I am talking about is the Ibanez High Voltage Violet. Check that guitar out. Its better looking than most of us. You have to give Ibanez credit for the fit and finish of their guitars, they are top shelf. I have decided on the SG by Epiphone. G-400 Pro, black. Cant afford the Gibson name. One reason i decided to go with the SG is I always like them and because I learned something from a pro named Tony Iommi. What i learned was: the best way to work on a song is to jam it out, this is how Tony comes up with every song for Black Sabbath. Nothing against Joe Perry, Slash or Zakk Wylde in the Les Paul fame (there is a video of Zakk and Slash live, on YouTube playing: Voodoo Chile that is must see).The "old man" hung up his Les Paul years ago, apparently to symbolize letting go of his reckless youth. Like letting go of an old girl friend who was part of your recklessness. He picked up a Telecaster. He has gone on YouTube trying to explain why he uses a telecaster but I don't buy it, He had to stop playing his Les Paul it reminded him of the wrong... Hay part of the way you pick a guitar is by some of the influences you have had.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nietzsche and the great abyss

Fredrick Nietzsche was not the great philosopher that many people think. Fredrick Nietzsche was a great writer. He was capable of writing down on paper what most people think but unable to write on paper. This makes all great writers great writers. Nietzsche went mad or insane in his later years from ruling out his mentor whom he spent a life time teaching people of his non existence. He was a philosopher of ying yang meaning what you think is right, turns out to be wrong. His philosophy on non existence or so he thought was his intimate sacrifice. So is he a great philosopher because he made a great sacrifice, no, because did not understand it or knew of its existence and fought against it as his mentor came closer to him. His mentor had fun with this for he spent Nietzsche entire life proving Nietzsche wrong. The closer he got to his mentor the more insane he became (trying to rule him out and bring life into factual context). Life is not based on facts alone. The closer Nietzsche came to the abyss which is where philosophy can become as you start to believe and understand more than the average person, about the philosophy you may enjoy thinking about or writing about. Being a great writer and or thinker is not a philosopher. A philosopher has a sacrifice and not chosen or believes in such a thing that he believes in it more than most. A person who comes to mind while writing that last statement is Martin Luther. You would have to learn about him to understand what I just meant. Some one of recent times would be members of a group called the diggers and there are many others. I mentioned the diggers because they are a rare bird and extinct. I hesitate in writing who they are and currently failing in this paper because I won’t talk about them in truth. I will later on. What I can say is that these people who believed in what they did were at one time still are considered outcasts of society because they are nonconforming. People who conform are usually full of it and are not being who they are and live in fear of being exposed. I have read his books and believed his writings because at the time I was at an impressionable age and did not think for myself and a brother of mine told me he was the great philosopher of our time. Nietzsche wrote and spoken word made sense to everyone who listens. As his mentor started to prove to Nietzsche of his ultimate fate of ying yang, that what he had been teaching his whole life was wrong. This was a destructive force on Nietzsche who slowly drifted into the abyss. Many have committed suicide at this point. I don't like to mention that but for people who might be moving forward to understanding, need to be careful; it can be a nightmare or a blessing. It depends on how you use it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Turning Point

Turning Point We have reached a turning point in society and have been in the making for many years. Now it seems to be more prevalent with the internet. For younger people the internet didn’t come about until 1998 when it started to become a home furnishing. I remember the statistics on how many home had been wired for the net. At that time the numbers were about 40%. The whole thing didn’t start to take off until 2002 or so. Social media is the bull. I might write more on this in the future, I just wanted to get this observation out of my head Sense the start of society as we know it, has been ruled and dominated by a select few. Some of these select few were born into it. Some made their own. Singular opinions were the talk made by journalist who would sway and enjoy swaying public options based on what they write. I am not picking on journalist it is just easier to see what I am talking about by this example. At one time journalist where taught and promoted to report the facts and only the facts. Over generations they began to report what they wanted or what the Editors wanted to report. Meaning they could destroy a political campaign based on what they wrote rather than writing the facts. Fact and true are the same but can be viewed differently. Truth can sometimes differ from the actual fact. Writers (I like the word writer better than journalist), used this as a tool and Politicians also used this as a tool by not giving interviews to certain papers if they wrote in a negative way. This can be difficult because what the truth is and what the facts are sometimes differ. If you include both then the argument that you are jaded is moot. Recently I have been noticing writers on the internet being stopped short with their opinion because of the comments section of the article. I tend to read the comments section at times when I am trying to develop an opinion myself on the subject being talked about. Writers need to be aware that the old ways are coming to an end. Reporting the facts is your best bet or we might expose you. This is true in many other areas of society. The days when only a select few had an opinion are on the way out. Blogs, Facebook (I just had to add Facebook to the computers dictionary), Instagram and many other social net works are bringing it to an end. Celebrities’ at least old school might have their ego hit on this one mainly because it is becoming a one society and not a select few society as it once was. Hats off to the founders of these social net working companies for having such insight on where we are headed in society, it must have been fun proving this to investors. YouTube needs to mention also for being able to broad cast yourself to the world is enlighten. I have watched many videos of regular neighbors producing some great work. Regular people are making headlines with what they are up to more so than in the past. Personally I find this more interesting than seeing the same old faces. This partly why I find myself online rather than watching TV. I can chose what I want to watch or what news I prefer rather than some person at a TV station telling me what I going to watch with regard to movies or the news. I no longer have to sit down at the TV at certain times to watch certain programs. I can do it on YouTube or other online companies that have this on file. The movie companies don't release the current movie for about a year which is cool and still makes going to the movies fun and enjoyable. So be careful if you live your life in the old ways of doing things, its coming to an end. Make sure you have entered retirement or about to if that’s the way you choose to live because you will be exposed if you don't. And we as society don't have time for your old ways.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

health care thing

Ok, I don't normally get political as a general rule because people get upset but I need to talk about and being bullied to talk about the health care thing going on in this country. First off I would like to say that I am a big fan of President Obama and we are witnessing one of the greatest presidencies in this country’s history Ya I am ranking him right with JFK. If not greater but I hesitate to say that because there are still some old school folks around. This health care thing is some kind of pet project with the President and he won’t let go. He is destroying his image as a great President over it. Mr. President let it go. The answer lies with the Canadian system. Its free to all citizens. No upfront cost, no complicated charts on what it will cost…its free. The Canadians have a VAT or value added tax. I have worked in Canada at Ontario Hydro a nuclear power plant in Canada and have talked about this with Canadians first hand. OK look it, they are not a big fan of the tax but they all admit that it works because it includes everybody and its free. President Obama is trying to reinvent the wheel the all he needs to do is adopt a system that works. The lower middle class is being screwed again because of his health care thing. Lower middle class people are an easy target because they can’t afford to fight such things as this because they are busy trying to pay the rent and put food on the table. And this can take 2 jobs and most of their time. The VAT is the answer and the next President will make a political platform on removing this health care thing. The next President will win the election based on this health care thing being removed. Having health care for everybody is a good thing and I don't know of anybody who will argue this but the current system doesn’t work and is jaded against the working class of this country. They are tired of being screwed Mr. President. Stop trying reinvent the wheel and adopt a system that works, They have worked the bugs out of the system and have been doing it for years, our friends in Canada will work with us in adopting their system. There has been times when I didn't have health care insurance and the last thing I could afford at that time was another $250 dollar bill from the government. Mr. President if you would like to go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents we have had, then remove this health care thing and adopt a system that includes all and works.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Great new band check them out

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Stumbling effect: this a technology stumbling effect that will happen in time and has already begun. Technology is out pacing the human race meaning it is changing way too fast for most people to keep up with. Corporations around the world are paying people big cash to keep up with technology and are still failing. The stumbling effect has to do with technology advancing so fast that it will stumble. Like a child that runs too fast and stumbled because he is running too fast. The same is true with technology: it is advancing too fast for people to keep up with including companies. Currently I attend school and the teacher is doing a fine job but what works with what as far as down loadable forms are still a mystery. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT VERTIONS OF FORMATS THAT THE WHOLE THING IS CONFUSING. A SIMPLE pdf FILE IS NO LOMNGER SIMPLE THE REASON IS EVERY COMPANY WANTS TO SET THE STANDARD FOR WHAT FILE WE WILL USE THE PROBLEM IS THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY TO CHOSE FROM. What I mean is Microsoft and other soft ware companies need to start setting standards with only 3 version to choose from and not dozens to choose from. I am not a programmer nor do I want to be one yet most programmers think we know the difference, we don't. Hope I make some sense because technology is out pacing us and if it doesn’t slow down there will be catastrophic failure in technology. It has already started with operating systems not recognizing formats and information lost. To correct the problem if it is to wait until it is a larger problem will take months or even years to correct. This is the part of the stumble then correction.

twitter on the way out

Looks like twitter is on its way out. The owner would be smart to sell and cash in his chips. Instagram is taking over who the owner of Instagram once worked for twitter and improved upon the product. This was just: any one can send a message not just the beautiful people (celebrities). It lets everyone in on the action. Listen to and read about twitter or Instagram you will hear the name Instagram used more and more. The buzz is Instagram.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

song quest

Conceived, recorded and released in one day…welcome to the new world my friend

Saturday, March 15, 2014

the question of hope

Hope is never ending with those in stride with life, endings are only hope for those who have fallen behind

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

What you want and what you can afford are sometimes two different worlds.

Friday, January 31, 2014

taxes on the NFL

Not sure if I heard this right on WGIR-FM today but they said that the NFL does not pay taxes. Look it, I love football including the NFL but not paying taxes? That don't sound right. They make a boat load more than me and I pay taxes, how do they get off not paying taxes, they are not a charitable organization, they are not a church, they are not the Boy's and Girls Club of America, all of which we probably don't have a problem if they don't pay taxes but the NFL not paying taxes...That doesn't sit right with me, how about you?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

someone your not

If you try being someone your not, eventually it will come crashing down on you...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

which room is my thought in

Heard a report today on WGIR-FM rock 101, that when you enter a room, that when you walk through a door way it can clear your memory of why you went into that room in the first place. I believe this because I have had to go back to the room where I first had the thought of what to do or what I was getting, in order to remember why I left that room in the first place. When I go back to the exact spot I originally had that thought I remember why I left the room but cannot remember until I go back to the original spot. Follow me? I rewrote this several times trying to get the wording correct in order to understand what I am saying, not sure if I got it right.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

tube amp and Digitech 3

Well, my new practice amp is going to be the Peavey Vypyr 75 watt or the 100 watt Fender Mustang 3 or just the Digitech 3 with no amp, that’s right, you don't need an amp with the Digitech 3 and save for a tube amp 2x12 with the Digitech 3, when I move it out of the bedroom. If you end up with 2 amps, one for the bedroom and one for playing live you want a modeling amp in the bedroom. Why? Because of the tone differences in solid state amps and tube amps, it can be confusing when switching to a different amp at least for me it is. I found this out while going to guitar lessons and the teacher has a Fender amp, the tones are different than my amp and it gets confusing playing through his amp for me as far as playing individual notes, understand? Plus the Digitech is far more potable than a 2x12 tube amp or 2x12 modeling amp. I couldn't begin to tell you how much I have looked into what to buy. I have spent months; I can’t afford either right now, so in the mean time I have been reading up on both the modeling amps and Digitech. Currently I have a cheap craigslist amp that got me by for awhile, 15 bucks. It did what I wanted: amplify my guitar and at that time, I wanted to kiss that amp, now I am ready for bigger and better things. The debate in my brain has been as follows: 1st you don’t want to buy an amp and then wish you bought a different amp. These two amps and there are others, are modeling amps. I can try different amps and effects straight from one amp and not have to buy or trade with people for other amps because I end up not liking the amp I bought; I can simply switch it to a different amp with the turn of a button. I love the sound of that option plus I will save thousands of dollars in the long run. This will also help me decide what type of amp I will buy when and if I want a larger amp. How many watts do you need in a bed room, not much but if it goes beyond the bedroom you don’t want to be limited. How many watts? 10-30 is too low by all in agreement just check any of the chat rooms plus you doesn’t get a 12" speaker with 40watts and under. Next, what are the limitations to a tube amp? Currently the consensus is: Tube amps rule but not in the bedroom or possible garage. Tube amps generally do not have head phone hook ups. This investigation on which amps have headphone hookups took 2 months to find out that tube amps in general do not have head phone jacks and for good reason. You can’t shut off the speaker load of the amp. You end up turning the speaker down and use head phones. It is possible to set up a tube amp with a emulated speaker load but I think we start to drift from the point of owning a tube amp at this point. Ok so it’s going to be solid state(modeling). Well which one. This took 4 months of chat room talk and article reading to educate myself with better knowledge of solid state amps. For the sake of argument we will all agree that solid state amps are not the same as tube but this almost isn’t true today and I will discuss the evolution of amps, I do not want to get in the middle of that argument of tube amps being better than modeling amp (notice the wording between solid state and modeling changing, I am doing it on purpose). Let me explain: Both are electronic (solid state and modeling) but completely different in technology. The evolution of amplifiers is here and is being meet with great resistance from mostly older people who in general resist change. Some trends become fads but in this case I believe this trend is here to stay. For the older reader of this blog I would like to make the comparison of modeling amps and solid state amps to the 6 cylinder motor. The 6 cylinder motor of today is not the same as yesterdays 6 cylinder motor from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, there is no comparison, and this is the same with solid state amps and modeling amps. Six cylinder motors from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were dogs and completely unreliable, today’s six cylinder is capable of being and in some cases is a high performance internal combustion engine, case in point, the Lincoln MKZ six cylinder pumps out 300 horse power. Their inline four cylinder produces 240 Hp. Many eight cylinder motors of yesterday didn’t produce that much horse power or the increase in gas mileage with the increase of performance. If you’re a tube fanatic and see someone with a modeling amp understand and respect why they have it and you will most likely get the same respect and understanding in return. Most ears do not here the difference between modeling amps of today and tube amps as far as tone goes. There will be a day when tube amps will be considered the old tools of the trade, the trend to modeling amps is here, recognize it. (Does this mean I am against a full Marshall stack with a JCM 800 model 2210 planted on top? “F” no) the only difference between modeling amp and tube amps is cost, modeling amps run approximately 1/3 (and much more depending on make and model) the cost of tube amps. Peavey’s or Fenders modeling amps are the way I am going to go as far as 1x12. Not only do you get different sounding amps but also effects on board with the option of sending your music to a computer without buying a dozen to two dozen add on components, which is what you would need to do with a tube amp. 75 watts or 100 watts is all that is needed and over that starts to get loud and 75-100 watts can handle most drummers. Plus the trend in audio engineering is to mike a smaller amp (2x12) and feed it through the PA system, this gives the engineer more control over the sound quality and level, there is nothing worse for an Audio Engineer than battling a musician who insist to turn the volume of their instrument higher than all others in the band (most notably: egotistic lead guitarists and keyboard players) I have had battles in the past and deteriorates the quality beyond belief. Most people are not disciplined enough to understand this. I meet a drummer at a play house, after explaining to him that his volume of playing was too loud and he made the adjustment in his arms; that young man is a professional musician and he didn’t know it. The days of stomp boxes is coming to an end and for good reason...again cost. Please don't blast me that not all stomp boxes are the same, I know this but like I said most people don't here the difference, why, because their ears are not tuned to everyday use. With a Digitech GNX you end up with all the stomp boxes one will need without taken a second mortgage, Plus there is an 8 track recorder on board and top it off all the effects you need. The GNX4 or 3000 does not have the 8 track but comes with software to record, the problem is your operating system might not recognize the software and the company that developed the software is no longer in business. What to use with regard to stomp boxes and recording software took me an additional 3 months to figure out. 3 Months visiting chat rooms and extracting bits of information from search engines such as Google and Bing. This was big time difficult and I am glad that I became educated in it because of the difference in the GNX models which most people would not think there was much of a difference besides an upgrade from GNX 3 to GNX 4000 by Digitech. The GNX 3000 is not a typo it is a different model than the GNX3. The gnx3 and 4 have recording capabilities via software use on your computer it is better recording quality than the on board gnx 3 but that is still in debate among chat room chatters. The recording capability is the only reason I am partial to the Digitech verses the Boss model. The difference between the Digitech GNX models I found in chat rooms and is difficult to read by the manufacturer, for some unexplained reason they tend to hide this valuable info to the consumer, I still can’t figure out why they just don’t come out and say it but they don’t. The GNX 3 and 4 requires a certain operating system than most of have, me I have windows 7 and it doesn’t work on it. When you read reviews by the manufacture they will state that it has a built in 8 track recorder like the GNX3, this is not true and misleading, you need the software installed in a computer with a specific operating system. Most other don't work or could work with modification so who wants to find out, not meeeeeeeeee. You know your company is in trouble or there is a need to hire a new manager when you find your company using trick words to confuse and miss lead your customers. The GNX 3 can be had for 125 USD used and the same goes for the Boss model. Retail is about 350 USD this is cheap by anyone’s opinion compared to purchasing the same effects individually. When you add it up it’s about 2000 USD cheaper on the retail end. They can be hard to come by on craigslist, most guitarist aren’t interested in selling and when they do go on craigslist they are snapped up by other guitarist. It won’t surprise me to see a GNX 5 out by Christmas, with the fixes in place. Good luck out there as the manufacturers of today get tricky with wording of their advertising and remember that anytime you’re going to make an investment in a product…become educated in that product, you might become pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised. DESS

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hay Johhny

Hay Johnny, where you been. Still learning cord structure its important. If you like send me TAB form on the songs you would like me to learn and I will practice them. If you don’t have them in TAB then send the list of songs and I will see what I can do. I am more partial to your alternative/punk rock side

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

book reading

I find reading books interesting again. I incorporate the internet. While reading I Google people, places and things mentioned in the book that I dont know about or find interesting. Pre-internet this aspect of book reading sucked because when you came accross somthing you didnt know what they were talking about would become frustrating even a turn off for reading. Now I do a little of both.