Tuesday, March 21, 2017

true meanings

1. Socialite= rich man's party girl,
2. dancer= stripper,
3. model= prostitute
4. self evaluation= Human resource department tool used to not give you a raise
5. Hi= I don't have time to talk or even look at you
6. good morning= I mean it
7. Blue eye shadow= she's on the hunt: the darker the shade the more they're looking,br> 8. not looking or paying attention to you= they are interested (possibly, keep testing),br> 9. the stare with a hand shake (with no blinking)= some odd test people do at work (dude, absolutely disturbing)
10. the new way to interview= not given the resume from Human Resources of the person your interviewing to see if the interviewee can explain there back round to you. Complete waste of time on both sides. 9 out 10 times you don't qualifie its just H.R. cant find anyone who does.
11. Favorite sport= women's beach volleyball( my all time favorite sport). I always get a blank look when asked whats my favorite sport and with this reply.
12. EFF= polite way to say f#ck
13. classic, "I only had a couple,"= completely smashed and forgotten how many
14. a long "HHHIIII" with a smile= I'm being forced to meet you
15. red blotches on the neck= they are embarrassed