Sunday, September 28, 2014

Social Networking and the future of terrorism

I have mentioned in past posts about social networking and how it will be breaking down walls in different cultures and the world slowly evolving into one world. Currently we have boarders set up by "the old guard" in this world that is slowly eroding away due directly to the internet and social networking.I personally connect with people around the world because it flat out is cool. I look into their worlds via social networking and immediate notice the difference in cultures. These difference will erode in time, watch it will happen sooner than anticipated.Communism will cease to exist because of this and there is no stopping it, the internet is too vast to control. The down side to this is as follows:triggers will be sent out via the internet and social networking by groups of people, terrorists,that have never meet or will ever meet but signals to cause terrorism in their country on certain times and dates. These certain times and dates will attract other groups to get involved in this form of terrorism to make a connection that they are a part of it or for the headlines.It will be in the form of random acts of terror. New boarders will need to be formed over the internet to stop it, there is no other way to do so. This will be the NEW form of boundaries of countries.Internet channels will become monitored by government of individual countries, it will be too late for certain forms of government mainly communism. People will not tolerate any form of it, simply they have had enough.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rock 101 and Asia

Listening to rock 101, as I usually do, this morning and Greg Kretschmar of The Morning Buzz,decided to play some music from Asia, not the country of but pop band from the 80's, you will not see me say rock band, Asia not rock and roll.In the morning show they play some old classics on occasion as a through back for good memories. Greg apparently likes Asia as when he was talking about the band before playing the song I thought to my self "there's no way he is going to play that song on the radio." (I forget the song's name and looked up Asia on YouTube for a short time to try to find the song to reference but just couldn't bare the music and stopped looking). Well he played it...that's when me and 30% of his morning listeners decided to change the channel. He made a good case for program directors no matter how popular you are on radio. Turns out I'm glad I did turn the station. I road the radio stations up until I hit a song I liked. The song wasBananas by Gwen Stafani, major league POP song but it reminded me about driving in my red 1996 Chevy Barrera, I owned when the song came out with my 3 daughter. We would turn up that song on the radio and sing as loud as we could while cruising around. Those times were some of the best times of my life, hanging with my girls. Ya know what? That song was good then and still good today. As some say "standing the test of time."

Sunday, September 21, 2014


By the way Kay, in my song Better Looking Lone, Bettie Gill is you, I extracted that verse from your photo on Facebook the one where your laying on the bed with your legs spread (cloths on). "Betty Gill she such a freak, laying there and looking kind neat ya," Gill came from the stadium I live near in Manchester NH, Bettie is reference to Bettie Pagepersonally I have always admired Bettie Page because she show cased what people liked in the 1950's which was taboo at the time. In that same song are the verses, I don't know and I don't care, these are from my daughters: Jaxx and Stephanie (the princess of the family), Jaclyn is always saying "IDK" or "I don't know" on Facebook, that's all i here from her,I could ask her "what day is it?" and the reply will be "I don't know." Princess is always telling me "I don't care."( i know she does care but she likes saying that to me). In "Better looking Lone " that's where I got those lyrics from.I do my best to get my lyrics from social media or the internet in one form or another and in the future I will better explain where the lyrics come from. I believe it makes a song 10 times more interesting when you know where it came from. 2 more coming out by 2nd week in October with full explanation on where the lyrics came from. I haven't been doing it because the first 4 songs have been EP status(4 to 6 songs) and for psychological reasons I needed to exit EP status in which I will be doing in October and entering LP status.Song writing is difficult and many people don't realize it until they sit down and try to write a song. The first 9 songs that I plan to do are recent or fresh songs, I have many more that I have written but not applied guitar too and are currently only lyrics. Later, stay tuned