Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Letter written to King Verge, 1070AD I report from the road to war Lord. The Angles come forward today. The clouds opened and closed in time with my thoughts and sleep. I grew tired for no reason, at time sire. Ravens, the teacher, came more than usual. The clowns, crows, were no were to be found.3 ravens tried to cross my path and stopped short. Fluttered at my path and reversed course. Their wings fluttered in the wind. After the ravens a large Vulture, the size of which I have never seen, some 50 feet or so flew in with me on the path to war. Flew directly in line with me, toward and then over me.The wings moved too slowly for its size. They had perfect beat with his head. The head bobbed up and down in time with his wings. It did not seem to notice us as we traveled directly in his path but the opposite direction. The soldiers dropped to the ground in fear, the clank of their swords being dropped was loud as summer thunder. I looked behind me as it past to see if it stopped it did not, keep going in the same motion. On the trail to War I have seen many Deer and food for the soldiers has been plentiful. In my life I have not seen this many Deer in one season. Sire I need you to tell me what has happened. I no longer fear, I have changed. The trip to War has been enlightening like no other War we have fought. Two moose that I seen months earlier again came to me Sire, they were on the side of the path looking at me with no movement. Please tell me what is going on. Think of me when you can Sire, your loyal Knight, Dess

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

song writting ability

Right now I am frustrated and pissed and I will tell you why...I cannot request a guitarist to help with music until I record a song for example. This sucks because I would like to meet up with a guitarist now. Currently going through money times and it looks like 2 months before I can record on my own. Need to buy software and a new amp. Cost $300 cash. Gas license for the state of New Hampshire $200. Living expenses $200 per week. No cigs up $100 per week. Car repairs for sticker due February $300 my own labor. Office supplies $10. Somebody help with the numbers!!!!! WHEN THE WHOLE THING STARTED BABY I HAD 000000000000000000000, persistence pays off. LETS ROCK

Sunday, December 8, 2013

analog intent

We had analog intent and then the whole thing just went digital...tune in or tune out baby