Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Well as we evolve into an artificial world were efficiency is paramount to survival and blindly lose focus on what living and living things are about. Living animals are disappearing slowly but effectively. “Effectively?” yes effectively. In order for destruction to occur properly it must slowly descend upon us until it’s too late to recognize that it has happened. Human beings and animals are not efficient enough for the human mind. We continue to find ways to eliminate human’s involvement in work and in play. Some day we will be stagnant. Meaning no reason to move, it won’t be efficient. Animals are fun to look at we enjoy their looks and cuteness but could care less of their survival.Animals. Generally, they are in the way of progress. There is money to made from the fur. From the tusks. From their gallbladders and other parts, just toss the rest into a pile of waste. The human is far from efficient and replacement has come at an alarming rate. Many of you surly know someone or could have been you who has had to make a career change due to elimination of the inefficient human element. Welcome to the 21st century. You will need to stay on your toes in this new world as positions are eliminated and replaced by machines and calculations. It is far more efficient to have a computer run things than to have you run them. Today if you don’t have a degree in any field good luck finding a good paying job. Today’s corporate world won’t accept you like they did in the 20th century…why? They would have to teach you fundamentals and that is inefficient. Soon two degrees or more will be prevalent. I seen it coming a couple of years back and jammed the books.
Who cares about peace and love and humanity. There is no money in it dude.
Continue watching as animals in the wild slowly disappear and some day it is going to be you……..

Powerman 5000

Powerhouse 5000 or otherwise known as Powerman 5000 has launched an assault on the United States.Powerman 5000