Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hi E or Low E

I have decided to permanently remove the high E from my guitar. First off I am tired of the high E breaking and needing to buy new strings just to replace one string. Second I find it more annoying than useful. Third the old man takes off his low E string because he is old school rock and roll and does not like that low thump that we enjoy today. So I figure why not. F it, if he can get away not using a low E string then I can get away with not using a high E string.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Online Courses

Teachers are enjoying online line courses because they can set up a whole class and teach the same thing over and over again and enjoy the minute interaction with students. Minimum questions to answer, no nights, no scribing on the white board,no papers to carry and correct, many math classes are now done by web sites and teachers only monitor the site on a place called blackboard or "my math lab".Just remember teach, as soon as the school figures out how to replace you with some one in another country making 5 dollar a day like they did in manufacturing....guess what?, your gone, so enjoy the easy course teaching and remember to have something to fall back on when your career disappears. You will become a statistic like the millions of manufacturing jobs that disappeared and you and your colleagues at the time could care less about those jobs and the people who held them because it wasn't your ass...remember? Welcome to the twenty first century teach...only the strong survive.

Saturday, April 11, 2015