Saturday, April 26, 2014

Turning Point

Turning Point We have reached a turning point in society and have been in the making for many years. Now it seems to be more prevalent with the internet. For younger people the internet didn’t come about until 1998 when it started to become a home furnishing. I remember the statistics on how many home had been wired for the net. At that time the numbers were about 40%. The whole thing didn’t start to take off until 2002 or so. Social media is the bull. I might write more on this in the future, I just wanted to get this observation out of my head Sense the start of society as we know it, has been ruled and dominated by a select few. Some of these select few were born into it. Some made their own. Singular opinions were the talk made by journalist who would sway and enjoy swaying public options based on what they write. I am not picking on journalist it is just easier to see what I am talking about by this example. At one time journalist where taught and promoted to report the facts and only the facts. Over generations they began to report what they wanted or what the Editors wanted to report. Meaning they could destroy a political campaign based on what they wrote rather than writing the facts. Fact and true are the same but can be viewed differently. Truth can sometimes differ from the actual fact. Writers (I like the word writer better than journalist), used this as a tool and Politicians also used this as a tool by not giving interviews to certain papers if they wrote in a negative way. This can be difficult because what the truth is and what the facts are sometimes differ. If you include both then the argument that you are jaded is moot. Recently I have been noticing writers on the internet being stopped short with their opinion because of the comments section of the article. I tend to read the comments section at times when I am trying to develop an opinion myself on the subject being talked about. Writers need to be aware that the old ways are coming to an end. Reporting the facts is your best bet or we might expose you. This is true in many other areas of society. The days when only a select few had an opinion are on the way out. Blogs, Facebook (I just had to add Facebook to the computers dictionary), Instagram and many other social net works are bringing it to an end. Celebrities’ at least old school might have their ego hit on this one mainly because it is becoming a one society and not a select few society as it once was. Hats off to the founders of these social net working companies for having such insight on where we are headed in society, it must have been fun proving this to investors. YouTube needs to mention also for being able to broad cast yourself to the world is enlighten. I have watched many videos of regular neighbors producing some great work. Regular people are making headlines with what they are up to more so than in the past. Personally I find this more interesting than seeing the same old faces. This partly why I find myself online rather than watching TV. I can chose what I want to watch or what news I prefer rather than some person at a TV station telling me what I going to watch with regard to movies or the news. I no longer have to sit down at the TV at certain times to watch certain programs. I can do it on YouTube or other online companies that have this on file. The movie companies don't release the current movie for about a year which is cool and still makes going to the movies fun and enjoyable. So be careful if you live your life in the old ways of doing things, its coming to an end. Make sure you have entered retirement or about to if that’s the way you choose to live because you will be exposed if you don't. And we as society don't have time for your old ways.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

health care thing

Ok, I don't normally get political as a general rule because people get upset but I need to talk about and being bullied to talk about the health care thing going on in this country. First off I would like to say that I am a big fan of President Obama and we are witnessing one of the greatest presidencies in this country’s history Ya I am ranking him right with JFK. If not greater but I hesitate to say that because there are still some old school folks around. This health care thing is some kind of pet project with the President and he won’t let go. He is destroying his image as a great President over it. Mr. President let it go. The answer lies with the Canadian system. Its free to all citizens. No upfront cost, no complicated charts on what it will cost…its free. The Canadians have a VAT or value added tax. I have worked in Canada at Ontario Hydro a nuclear power plant in Canada and have talked about this with Canadians first hand. OK look it, they are not a big fan of the tax but they all admit that it works because it includes everybody and its free. President Obama is trying to reinvent the wheel the all he needs to do is adopt a system that works. The lower middle class is being screwed again because of his health care thing. Lower middle class people are an easy target because they can’t afford to fight such things as this because they are busy trying to pay the rent and put food on the table. And this can take 2 jobs and most of their time. The VAT is the answer and the next President will make a political platform on removing this health care thing. The next President will win the election based on this health care thing being removed. Having health care for everybody is a good thing and I don't know of anybody who will argue this but the current system doesn’t work and is jaded against the working class of this country. They are tired of being screwed Mr. President. Stop trying reinvent the wheel and adopt a system that works, They have worked the bugs out of the system and have been doing it for years, our friends in Canada will work with us in adopting their system. There has been times when I didn't have health care insurance and the last thing I could afford at that time was another $250 dollar bill from the government. Mr. President if you would like to go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents we have had, then remove this health care thing and adopt a system that includes all and works.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Great new band check them out

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Stumbling effect: this a technology stumbling effect that will happen in time and has already begun. Technology is out pacing the human race meaning it is changing way too fast for most people to keep up with. Corporations around the world are paying people big cash to keep up with technology and are still failing. The stumbling effect has to do with technology advancing so fast that it will stumble. Like a child that runs too fast and stumbled because he is running too fast. The same is true with technology: it is advancing too fast for people to keep up with including companies. Currently I attend school and the teacher is doing a fine job but what works with what as far as down loadable forms are still a mystery. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT VERTIONS OF FORMATS THAT THE WHOLE THING IS CONFUSING. A SIMPLE pdf FILE IS NO LOMNGER SIMPLE THE REASON IS EVERY COMPANY WANTS TO SET THE STANDARD FOR WHAT FILE WE WILL USE THE PROBLEM IS THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY TO CHOSE FROM. What I mean is Microsoft and other soft ware companies need to start setting standards with only 3 version to choose from and not dozens to choose from. I am not a programmer nor do I want to be one yet most programmers think we know the difference, we don't. Hope I make some sense because technology is out pacing us and if it doesn’t slow down there will be catastrophic failure in technology. It has already started with operating systems not recognizing formats and information lost. To correct the problem if it is to wait until it is a larger problem will take months or even years to correct. This is the part of the stumble then correction.

twitter on the way out

Looks like twitter is on its way out. The owner would be smart to sell and cash in his chips. Instagram is taking over who the owner of Instagram once worked for twitter and improved upon the product. This was just: any one can send a message not just the beautiful people (celebrities). It lets everyone in on the action. Listen to and read about twitter or Instagram you will hear the name Instagram used more and more. The buzz is Instagram.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

song quest

Conceived, recorded and released in one day…welcome to the new world my friend