Sunday, April 14, 2013

Caught in a Love Loss Cycle

I started to realize that our love was loss. I denied it for some time. We all deny a love that is loss when we realize it is gone. She would come and go as she pleased. For days on end. There was no stopping her, I’ve tried in the past and it was beyond talk. Leaving me for 2, 3 or days at a time. Come home and fatten up on food, sleep for two days straight. I would know she was at home because simple things would be out of place, hear the wood floors creak up stairs. She would walk by without a comment or stopping to sit with me. We lived in a large home at the time some 12 rooms in all. One could disappear in the rooms without being noticed. Our love was gone and it was hurting me deeply inside. The love we once had for years, earlier. The eye contact, snuggling, the gentle kissing, long missed and becoming a memory. She began her reckless life some months earlier and I knew why, a new love it must be or more surly. Her reckless life style caught up to her one evening. Evidence of foul play in the driveway, spots of blood, parts of her coat in the snow. She knew the dangers of being a night crawler. Our cats name was Jinx.

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