Saturday, October 5, 2013

How I am able to sleep 8 to 9 hours

I was recently chatting with folks over dinner and a discussion over the amount of sleep one gets per night. Turns out most folks require or capable of 5 to 6 hours per night. Amazed by this I injected my number, 8 to 9 per evening. The talk quickly turned to me and the type of bed and bedding I use on my bed. First it’s a full size bed. When getting divorced my ex wife wanted to know if I plan to purchase her a new queen size bed so she could sleep. The Judge had ordered her out of the house and for good reason which I do not plan to talk about because I consider it past tense and a night mare in which I seek consoling for. I gave her the bed we had which was never good enough for her, they do not make a bed that will please her. We had several arguments over that one in which she wanted me to purchase a 1200 dollar new bed. Being a working class hero I could not afford it and most people are satisfied with 500 dollar beds. Any ways, were was I, oh yes, I was asked by several acquaintances how I was able to sleep for 8 to 9 hours per night. I thought for a moment and started to explain how. First off there are many reasons but I will keep it simple. Take the number 15 and add 7 and 8 to get 15. This is how I see adding 7 and 8 together. Read this twice. 7 and 8 don’t add up to me, 10 and 7 does. I remember learning the 10's rule in school and I like it for its simplicity.So I take 7 and 10 which is 17, I count backwards from 17 to 15. This is three less than 17, I need my first three fingers to count backwards. It is only two backwards but seems like three.I mean, on paper it is 2 but in my head it is 3. 17, 16 15 That’s how I am able to add 7 and 8. Try taking a math class when you constantly add 8 and 7. This type of thought process is how I think and is tiring by the end of the day. Stay tooned. Dess

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