Saturday, November 9, 2013

A letter written to his son dated 1865, by Dess Dear D, It has been along time sence I have seen you. You dont know how much I miss you. My heart grows weak. I am sure that you have heard or read that I have signed up with Jesse and his crew. D., they call him a outlaw, I call him a friend. His motive is political mine is for the money. I going to make things right.I want a home for you and your sisters and this is what it is going to take. The trail has been hard on all that have been involved. I have seen many die. The rain on the trail hurts. The wet the cold D., I sit and think of you. Hope school is going well and your learning to write. Its a different time coming D.,watch and learn. People will talk bad about me, they are only romers. I couldn't write you untill now. We have been on the trail and it has been difficult for me to stop and write you. I have been inm fear of my life. The rain has just stopped after 4 days, I am wet and tired. Jesse has been getting angry at the news papers. They have been saying things that arent true. For the record, D. we are not horse thives as been stated in the papers, we leave are worn out horses for them. This is a must as we have been trailed for some time now. I dont like stealing horses but we need fresh legs to carry on. I will see you and be with you soon,,,keep me in mind it gives me straighth Love your Dad

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