Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Chinese Peak

originally I wrote this in 2009 while hanging around the coffee shops of Portsmouth NH, I had gotten divorce for the second time and was enjoying being myself again, and have updated it today due to some recent headlines that need attention.
The Chinese government understands that their society does not understand quality in workmanship when building products. So doesn't the world at this point. The government's answer is to build Universities to educate the population. This goes against communism in a way that communism thrives on uneducated people. Pol Pot of Cambodia executed millions of his country men and women for simply being educated or even having an opinion on any given subject. They spoke of keeping the people of Cambodia simple and to live by simple ways of life.That technology is the devil (or what ever your interpretation of the devil is). Most of the time it is referred to "Western Ways" of doing things but you don't hear that as much today because "Western Ways" are bleeding into society of every nation on planet earth via the internet. It's the way people want to live and express them selves.
Anyways back to the Chinese government. In building Universities and allowing their people to become educated this will in time will have a reverse affect on communism. This will become an inertia of thought and knowledge.The more the people become educated the more they will denounce communism.
The government has allowed complete destruction of country. drinking water is becoming scarce and breathing fresh air is uncommon in city life. They have such polluted air that you can not exercise in Beijing. There are no fish in streams and rivers that surround cities. They have no Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) like we have here in the USA. They could care less about the world community and basically do what they want with out concern to the environment. Soon their children will start being born with birth defects because of exposure to chemicals, women will be, while pregnant.In that article they talk about the affects of air pollutant being unclear yet in this article about direct contact is clear. Saturating the air with solvents becomes direct contact. It will also have an effect on the world air quality as the pollutants start to migrate around the world via air currents and destruction of the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere.Once these effects start to happen it will be hard to reverse the effects.
One problem that awaits is when things come to a halt in China with regard to production of goods because of the destruction they are causing, there will be limited countries to turn to for production of goods because they are non existent. This will have an affect on the world economy because we will pay more or much more for products this is the short term view. Long term will be most countries will start to recognize the importance of being self reliant. Not to rely on outside sources in a substantial way; meaning: to sole source in your own country because sole source from other countries can and will have tremendous impact, we in the USA have seen this with oil.Today we are becoming more self reliant on oil and results are obvious. We only see this in gas because we don't produce goods today other wise it would be across the board. The negative impact of China's fall will be short lived because of profit. The USA and other countries will quickly rebuild their production houses. The only way to combat this is to have a world EPA like NATO and enforceable by blocking exports of non compliant countries. China is non compliant.
Today in this era is the peak of communistic China, they will from here descend down ward until they reach a democracy.
This writing does not mean I don't like the people of China, you can note how I specifically stated Chinese government, I mention that because I know a small group of people will think that i don't like people from the Asia and that would be a false, if not ignorant, statement.

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