Thursday, June 1, 2017

Morbid Angel-Suffocation

Morbid Angel and Suffocation on tour

Sold out: Two words I wasn't interesting in hearing when it came to seeing Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Revocation and Withered jam at the Brighton Music Hall. Those are two words I will hear if I didn't purchase tickets ahead of the show. With a paper ticket that are no longer ripped in half at the door I can hold on to a tangible piece of my memory.

Returning to Allston after being away for some time because of relocating to affordable living gave me an odd but delightful piece of mind. I some what forgot how much I enjoy Boston or city life for that matter. This part of Boston is one of the most diverse parts of Boston with a mixture of Asian, white, African American, Caribbean and South American folk. It's an artsy community with music small stores owned by locals and a night life that's hard to match. Its been this way for as long I have know and will remain this way because it is part of the culture of the area and why people move to the area. There is a serious amount of people watching that goes on and not a part of the city if you like to hang inside.

A legendary show was about to happen at the #BRIGHTONmusicHALL with #DEATHmetal headliners coming to town.Morbid Angel and Suffocation have been at it for some thirty years and counting. Death Metal has been way ahead of its time and is coming to the lime light as far as main stream music is concerned.The whole thing reminds me of solar energy which has been around longer than thirty years and is just now coming to light. With Morbid Angel and Suffocation never given up on the music they love and it looks like the recognition they deserve. With Morbid Angel being considered by most as one of the founders to Death Metal. The whole thing started out as a high school band making some noise in a garage. Turned it into a new genre of music. The same as ,Led Zeppelin did with Heavy Metal. I came across the tour on ,Blabbermouth or it was Loudwire not sure which one. I was glad I did come across it. I don't watch cable and haven't sense about 2009 but I'm constantly researching or reading online about the same amount of time as most spend watching cable. I ruled it out of my life for good and we are currently witnessing the end of cable TV as we know it right now (I'm not the only one doing this). I don't like some one thinking they are programing me to think like them and if I don't like the way a news article is written I simple switch to a different site. News media are so into getting people to politically think like them that this will old way of doing things will be their demise. Flat out- people are tuning into this and tuning them out.

#Suffocation is the major backing band to #MORBIDangel and for good reason. Sense 1988 theses dogs have been tearing up the fret board lead by Terrance Hobbs (guitar) and Derek Boyer (bass). Terrance runs the lead guitar with some of the most complex leads I have ever heard and ranks right up there with the best in the business whom ever you feel is the best. I would pay cash to watch a transcriber work on one of Suffocation's songs never mind two songs. Half way through their set I took a deep breath and realized I needed to practice more on my leads. Pro Jazz guitarist's would be impressed. Engl-Amps use to endorse Terrance Hobbs but he was playing through Peavey that night. It's in #Engl best interest to pick him back up as an endorser to his mad guitar riffs. Nothing against Peavey but Engl are the big dogs of metal amps. The next day after the show I started working on my leads on the guitar...thanks Terrance!!! Derek Boyer heads up the bass part of the band and stands that bass up on the stage like one of those old stand up basses you see in an orchestra and nails it. The image I got while he was playing was that he was taking command of the troops and who out in the audience is gonna back him. Count on me Derek and after this tour you should have an army to lead to battle.

Morbid Angel coming to a 500 capacity club in Boston was about to be and is legendary. Some shows I know will be legendary and some I don't know that I have attended in the past. Death metal has in the past been shunned by live music outlets in the past but times are changing and changing fast. If your a club owner who past on Death Metal bands you might want to rethink your past decisions and come up to main steam and under stand that Rock and Roll is dead to many and metal is the new front.

Trey Azagthoth original guitarist for Morbid Angel, Scott Fuller on the burst drums, Steven Tucker on bass and lead vocals with Dan Vadin Von on the second guitar. Steve Tucker has been on and off with the band over the years and is in Trey's/ Morbid Angel's best interest to keep him at the helm. I arrived a couple hours early to the show to walk around and do some people watching. The band was hanging out front of the club on a bench and checking out the scene that Allston has to offer. With a couple of hot smoke'n groupies (I missed that photo op, I wasn't thinking). I didn't bother them with the big smile and start asking way too many questions that most do. Just treated them as part of the scene. about two hours before the show they went inside to do a sound check which I could easily hear out side and took over their position on the bench. My feet needed some cooling off I must have done 8 miles of walking prior to that point. A pizza delivery dude walked by with 1/2 dozen pie's and his girl friend. He had his metal vest on littered with band patches and was all smiles on this delivery. Explaining to security at the door that he was making a delivery to the band and needed to enter the club before hours. Showed the dude the pie's and was waved in. Later I seen him inside the club during the show, he must have received a ticket as a tip and ya he was all smiles. Best tip he's gotten in a long time I'm sure.

Suffocation exited the stage with a roar of the crowd both thanks for the show and anticipation of the next band Morbid Angel. I was 3 rows back from the stage and to the left as far as I go. I know better than to be any where near center stage and if your interested in Death Metal and unfamiliar what goes on take my advise and stay left, right or out back things get wild center stage. A young lady apparently studying at Boston College or another institution (from the clothes she was wearing) wandered up center stage, with drinks in hand, looking around as to question why we left such a gap in front of the stage. Half way through the first song of Morbid Angel I looked to see if she was still around. Gone ...she was engulfed by the mosh pit!!!! I just chuckled to myself.

The setup of the band was complete and anticipation started to fill the air like humidity you could feel it. Morbid Angel took the stage and the packed crowd started to sway as people maned position for the start of the show."ARE YOU READY" and the band launched into it's set without any further hesitation. I immediately got splashed with a drink by an an inexperienced dude getting too close to the "pit." Down went 8 bucks cash. This was uncool mainly because I was driving home after the show and not a cop in the USA would believe me if I told them I wasn't drinking which I wasn't I just smelled like booze. Lesson learned...never bring your drinks close to a mosh pit. The echo used on Steve's voice was awesome sounding and I got this impression I was in a movie not sure why but I just did. The burst drum is a fa-nominal effect used by the drummer where the bass drums are constantly pounding at a fast rate. The shock waves explode the foundation of the club and surly cracks were left in the cement. That was a great kick off to my summer and I hope it is an indicator of some good times to come this summer...Dess

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