Friday, August 5, 2011

Dess Dermondy: Dess Dermondy: What Steven Tyler, I and others are...

Do not give me a hard time about the lyrics that I write. I am simply an interrupter or translator to what is going around me in your society. You have an interest in my lyrics or songs. What is your interpretation. Did I upset you because I invoke memories you care not to remember. Did I bring thoughts that you care not to think because is truly your desire. Your interest in my songs are fuel to the fire. As long as it invokes thoughts I shall continue. It is not me but you that these songs are written, for I see it daily. purity is not achievable nor should it be sought. For if you seek it it will consume you. Your perfect life is not true, it is in my songs due not get upset with me for it is you. To continue to bring definitions would end your imagination. Remember i am simple a Knight, some good some bad just like you.DessDermondy

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