Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Street Greed!?

Current conditions are chaotic on the cold pavement surrounding the institutions that fuel the economy. An up rising by folks who are attacking and exposing the greed machine on Wall Street. This voice has been rising for some time now. With Hedge Funds initiating the call for anger several running. The Hedge Funds have been moving the markets in the direction they chose. This direction has had zero consideration for the technical’s or market conditions. Simply put there has been reasoning for market moving in the north direction. The economy has been shot for some time now with no apparent relief in the near future. It has been greed fueled. Over the summer a small percentage of Executives in a large Institution were caught scamming their own clients out of millions headed up by RUBIN. Most folks do not recognize this name but he is the brother to one worth noting and worked with the FBI. The founders of this Investment Institution shall greet these greed monsters upon arrival.

News papers now head line the occupation of over 100 cities in the USA. This has brought awareness to the machine. What does need to be said is that a majority of folks working in Wall Street are not apart of the Machine. Like most Associations they are being dragged in the cesspool with a small percentage of greed. This has happened to many groups and association in the past of this country. I recently wrote a play identifying this. The two groups mentioned in the play really could be any group in existence. They are two of the most widely known. Well how does it feel Wall Street, what goes around comes around…

Currently I am employed with a very large retailer in New Hampshire and the country for that matter. This position is temporary in support of the up coming Christmas season. The company is an extremely well run company and leader in the retail market. So much so a leader, that you came easily predict the retail out look for the rest of the retail market based on their forecast.  This week end we were asked not to come in due to unexpected slow sales. It’s the week end shift and I enjoy working it. It allows me 4 days off. Let me say with out theory that this is a gauge to the retail out look for the season…slow sales. Slow sales translate into down economy. If they are not selling nobody is. Or not to the volume of expectations. This slowness will eventually drop the DOW.

Lately the US government has been releasing information in tune with drops of the DOW. Artificially stopping a correction in the markets that needs to happen now. This is just prolonging the inedible. As the Market drops and heads for Bear territory they release news that will and has bumped the Market up. Why do they continually do this, well supposedly to support the President? Wrong folks what will happen is the Market will drop during re-election time and used as a tool to oust Obama.

What is being over looked by the Head line releasers is a healthy correction in the Market, regardless of the 20% technical which is dated. Pull back a 3 year chart of the DOW to expose a wide “W” formation. This formation to complete its path to 8500 needs to happen. It simply is healthy and many investors are on the side lines waiting for the pattern to form and “trade out.” This is in parallel with a forest that burns to the ground. At first, the reaction is of devastation but long term effects are well documented. The recovery of the forest is healthier that it has ever been. The fire wipes out over growth and unhealthy accumulation that retards strong growth. Case in point is in Canada. Their tree farms are groomed to produce 1st class lumber. The rebound from the “W” pattern will relax investors for it is health to form and the DOW will never return to that level of 8500.
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 Dess Dermondy

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