Sunday, May 18, 2014

Les Paul or SG

I've been looking at guitars lately and which one I would like. I have been stuck between a Les Paul and SG. For a bit I was looking into an Ibanez which I still haven't ruled out. One thing I did decide on is that you cant have a guitar that's better looking than you. The guitar I am talking about is the Ibanez High Voltage Violet. Check that guitar out. Its better looking than most of us. You have to give Ibanez credit for the fit and finish of their guitars, they are top shelf. I have decided on the SG by Epiphone. G-400 Pro, black. Cant afford the Gibson name. One reason i decided to go with the SG is I always like them and because I learned something from a pro named Tony Iommi. What i learned was: the best way to work on a song is to jam it out, this is how Tony comes up with every song for Black Sabbath. Nothing against Joe Perry, Slash or Zakk Wylde in the Les Paul fame (there is a video of Zakk and Slash live, on YouTube playing: Voodoo Chile that is must see).The "old man" hung up his Les Paul years ago, apparently to symbolize letting go of his reckless youth. Like letting go of an old girl friend who was part of your recklessness. He picked up a Telecaster. He has gone on YouTube trying to explain why he uses a telecaster but I don't buy it, He had to stop playing his Les Paul it reminded him of the wrong... Hay part of the way you pick a guitar is by some of the influences you have had.

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