Friday, May 2, 2014

Nietzsche and the great abyss

Fredrick Nietzsche was not the great philosopher that many people think. Fredrick Nietzsche was a great writer. He was capable of writing down on paper what most people think but unable to write on paper. This makes all great writers great writers. Nietzsche went mad or insane in his later years from ruling out his mentor whom he spent a life time teaching people of his non existence. He was a philosopher of ying yang meaning what you think is right, turns out to be wrong. His philosophy on non existence or so he thought was his intimate sacrifice. So is he a great philosopher because he made a great sacrifice, no, because did not understand it or knew of its existence and fought against it as his mentor came closer to him. His mentor had fun with this for he spent Nietzsche entire life proving Nietzsche wrong. The closer he got to his mentor the more insane he became (trying to rule him out and bring life into factual context). Life is not based on facts alone. The closer Nietzsche came to the abyss which is where philosophy can become as you start to believe and understand more than the average person, about the philosophy you may enjoy thinking about or writing about. Being a great writer and or thinker is not a philosopher. A philosopher has a sacrifice and not chosen or believes in such a thing that he believes in it more than most. A person who comes to mind while writing that last statement is Martin Luther. You would have to learn about him to understand what I just meant. Some one of recent times would be members of a group called the diggers and there are many others. I mentioned the diggers because they are a rare bird and extinct. I hesitate in writing who they are and currently failing in this paper because I won’t talk about them in truth. I will later on. What I can say is that these people who believed in what they did were at one time still are considered outcasts of society because they are nonconforming. People who conform are usually full of it and are not being who they are and live in fear of being exposed. I have read his books and believed his writings because at the time I was at an impressionable age and did not think for myself and a brother of mine told me he was the great philosopher of our time. Nietzsche wrote and spoken word made sense to everyone who listens. As his mentor started to prove to Nietzsche of his ultimate fate of ying yang, that what he had been teaching his whole life was wrong. This was a destructive force on Nietzsche who slowly drifted into the abyss. Many have committed suicide at this point. I don't like to mention that but for people who might be moving forward to understanding, need to be careful; it can be a nightmare or a blessing. It depends on how you use it.

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