Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cumberland Farms Gas

Cumberland Farms is offering a great deal for customer loyalty on their gas but wait, I am going to wait until lighting strikes. The theory is that lighting wont strike in the same spot twice and generally is a good bet. Cumberland Farms is begging for Hackers with a Capital H to come in and “lift” all the bank accounts from its patrons. Look it, Cumberland Farms is on to something with regard to lowering its gas price by 10 cents if it is allowed to link to your bank account. As of this writing they have not been Hacked but rest assured they will be. I am a big fan of 10 cents off of gas and have been tempted to turn over my banking information for a reduction in fuel cost. I refuse to until they are Hacked. Once they are Hacked then I know they will spend some money on security, computer security. Right now nobody is going to tell me that Cumberland Farms is spending large cash amounts to save your banking info. This is where Hackers love to Hack into. By the way Hackers are on my top ten things to fear list. They are capable of causing years of lingering harm. I go to Cumberland Farms almost daily for their buck coffee. One dollar for coffee is a good price and I can get two for the price of one as compared to Dunkin Donuts, from what I here is up to 2 and ½ dollars per cup. I don't know the neighborhood you’re living in but in mine, that’s a steep price. Especially when down the street its half the price. Just thought I would give you my views on the gas savings. Me, I am waiting for that large lightning bolt to hit then I will think about it.

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