Friday, June 27, 2014

Internet Addiction (?)

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk that we are addicted to the internet today. Well this is promoted by television wanting people to believe that they are not of the norm in society. That turning to the internet for news and other types of programming is wrong and we are addicted like addicted to drugs. Sorry folks in TV land we are not addicted to the internet, we are turning to the internet because this is where we prefer to turn to for our news (as an example). We no longer wait until 6pm for the evening news to tell us what’s happening in the world or locally. We turn to the internet like Microsoft’s portal “MSN.” We check out the news that I want to watch and know more about not what you think we should know and learn about. Some of the “relics” in society are fighting change and the old man in them that resists change is upset and calls this an addiction. I wonder how much money they are paying to promote internet usage as an addiction. To somehow make people feel bad about themselves because they turn to the internet. How many out here actually watch the evening news. I don't and haven’t for years now. Ya know some nights I just don't want to know who shot who. I prefer to look up positive things that make me glad to be alive and laugh. Get over it old man, the internet is here to stay and your cash is not going to change that, we enjoy it too much. Hay check out “MSN,” every day they run a video they found on YouTube, front page. Something that a regular person put together and published and is now parts of a million homes, if that isn’t cool then I don’t know what cool is. Change your ways old man or more over.

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