Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chicken Breast Wars

I've been monitoring the Walmart and Market Basket chicken breast war of the last week and it looks like Walmart is coming out on top. Market Basket has figured that they are going to set the price of chicken breasts at $2.99 per pound. Walmart carries chicken breast at $1.99 per pound. Market Basket use to carry chicken breast at $1.99 per#. Then out of know where they raised the price a dollar apparently hoping other super markets will follow suit. Well MB, you have miss calculated Walmart because they are not following you. You see MB, Walmart runs the show not you.They set the price on food products and you will follow them. MB has raised the price back to $2.99 per#. Walmart is at $1.79 per#. They lowered the price. Walmart is probably breaking even on the chicken breast but the hope is that shoppers will buy other products while in the store buying their chicken breast at an unbeatable price of $1.79 per#. I confirmed that today; not only did I buy two packages of chicken breast but also bought $40.00 of additional products at Walmart. So the "get me in the door" price is working. As long as Walmart keeps chicken breast at or below 2 bucks I will return as a consumer and drive buy 2 MB"s to get there.

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