Saturday, October 18, 2014

Log On Voting

I'm still waiting for the day when I can log on to a "voting" site and cast my vote for local and national politicians. Today it is still necessary to go to voting "booths" to vote for politicians and local law support. As far as representation is concerned it is not needed any more with online voting in place, people will be able to represent them selves. So a representation of what the people want would no longer be needed but only a means of writing or presenting new "bills"(laws) is needed. With today's security online this is very much possible but not in support with political mind set to keep the working class out of voting. The harder it is to vote the better according to the "old guard" in this world.There is no excuse for not having online voting. The only excuse is that local politics will become extinct. This is because we will no longer have a need for "representation" by local politicians. We could simply log on and cast our vote individually.You would not want to do this with international affairs or nation issues.

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