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Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts(up-dated with theory)

I just made a bee line to my spring jacket to make sure my reading glasses made it through the night. Last night I attended a show at the Jewel Night Club and decided to write about the show and need these glasses to start the review. Whenever you bring your reading glasses to a night club it is positive to find they made it home with you. These particular glasses were a small investment and not the usually $3.00 per dozen drug store brand. That tend to break by looking at them in the wrong way. My reading glasses have made it through several night club visits and I have slept with them on 5 different occasions but with no sexual relation.
Recent headlines with Scott Weiland made me concerned about what was going to happen this night. He has been referring to reporters and journalists as “A-hole” media. I have been following Scott, online, in anticipation of last night’s show with his new band “the Wildabouts.” The A-hole media has been after a Scott because of one show, out of hundreds, were there was a problem with Scott's in-ear monitor. These ear pieces are used today by professional musicians in place of stage monitors. They are ten times better for a variety of reasons. On one particular night the malfunction of his ear piece placed him in a bad situation in which his band mates would not be aware of. His ear piece failed. He had no monitors to hear what he was singing. And put him in an award positions not knowing were the band was in the song. Let me explain. He had been relying on the ear monitors all night then they failed, like many electronic and mechanical things do…they fail on occasion. This placed him and you in an odd feeling from switching from an ear monitor to on stage sound in an instant with ear plugs in your ear to muffle the sound. I bet Scott has spare set today but he didn't that night. The A-hole media went after him.
Any A-hole media personal that feels they perform at 100% every night with 100% accuracy even with electronic failure should take note that you’re in the wrong business. You would not be sitting at home staring at you A-hole telephone that still has copper wire attached for communication to the outside world, hoping a editor will run your BullSh#t story on an electronic failure that had occurred and try to translate that into drug use. Your A-hole failure in life is coming to light when you are not capable of reporting what has happened without sensationalizing the story in hopes to selling your story. You also would have a confused look on your face if you couldn't hear what was being played and being in front of a thousand fans. The professional musician always makes mistakes while playing yet they don’t stop the show because of it they continue on, most people don't notice these mistakes. Unless your part of the A-hole media who pages through YouTube trying to find fault with someone to point it out to others because your own pathetic life sucks. As far as the dazed look that Scott does give on occasion I will explain it to the A-hole media on why he has this on occasion. Play on stage with a thousand fans who hold you to a higher degree at a Sound Pressure Level of 129 plus decibels for an hour and half. Today’s sound systems are powerful and body numbing to musicians and crowds alike. then do this night after night for months on end and you also, A-hole media, would have a dazed look your self after the show…it happens. So as the A-hole media picks over people’s lives to try to find some minor fault with someone because their writing ability sucks remember to have a second job waiting because your career as a part of the A-hole media is coming to an end. If all you can write about are faults with others you are out of material and stagnant. Take a shower you A-hole media because, simply put, you suck.
Or here is my theory which I realized a couple of days after writing this. Its more than a theory but the word theory sounds good. I propose this; Is Scott Weiland that smart? What do I mean? Did Scott purposely pull that blank look on stage to cause controversy? The answer is yes to both. A Scott is that smart and causing controversy does bring attention to the band which helps sells albums. Especially when your about to release an album which Scott just did. First cause a little controversy and then release your album. The controversy brings you head lines which is free advertising. How do I know Scott is that smart? Here check out this quote by Scott after he was tossed from STP:Scott Theory Evidence
Ok, now that I vented on media personal back to the review.
I don’t know the band members but they are are powerful and an inspiration to other musicians and you will see that if you see them live. The drummer is mind blowing powerful with no need to mic his set. The dude stands at 230 pounds of solid mass and capable of delivering a sound pressure level of 132 DB. I was unaware that today they make titanium skins for drums. I have never witness such pounding on the drums before this night. Not sure how the drum set stayed in position receiving such a pounding complete with broken stick being tossed aside and a fresh supply of sticks (dozen plus) next to him. The drums surly must have been bolted to the stage. This was an absolute surprise for me to see and hear such a fantastic drummer. Being a fan of drummers, I tend to hold drummers to a higher level with regard to performance than most people or most musicians will. I had not expected a drummer of this caliber to playing with Scott, not sure why I just didn't expect it. If you’re a drummer looking for inspiration to play better and louder without the need for mics see Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts he will help bring you to the next level. Scott hasn't announced, as of this writing, on their website who the band members are so I don’t know the dudes name. All I can tell you is this dude is an inspiration to drummers at least on the rock and roll side of town.
Next up: “Nick” the guitarist. That’s all I have as far as a name goes but that’s what I pickup on the internet that his name is…Nick. Talk about picking up a guitar at full steam ahead with a band that you just joined a month ago and making it sound like you have known the band members your entire life because of the blending that he did with the band. He read the members next moves and ran with it at every song. The tones that Nick was delivering during the night reminded me of a dinner I had in Portsmouth VA while working at the Norfolk Naval Station for the Navy. The meal was expensive and attendance at the restaurant was mad with reservation only. Several engineers I worked with insisted I go with them to this restaurant and “experience” a meal. They were right, I ordered lamb chops. The interesting thing was the chops had a different flavor to them around the plate as you ate, read that twice. Meaning the plate of chops tasted different in different parts of the chops. Nick had this same thing going on with tones. He was delivering different tones with each song and his guitar playing became an experience rather than just note picking. The set was complete with purposely placed feedback to complement a show that was being delivered RAW, which again I had not expected this from a Scott Weiland band. I guess I was expecting a more orchestrated band like when he was in Velvet Revolver. In this band every note had a place which is cool in respect of the show sounding like an album. This show I “experienced” was RAW rock and roll or off the cuff jamming which is double cool and takes talent to read the other musicians in the band during these jam sessions that can change night to night. Nick didn't break a sweat until ¾ of the way through the set which was not him but the house he was playing in and I will talk about this shortly. The black hair dude with the bass (name unknown). I going to admit something that I would rather not but I think it is OK to admit. I have for years placed bass players in the wrong category I think it is because of Bill Wyman’s lack of enthusiasm while playing in a band. The category I wrongly placed bass players in was “no need.” The dude with black hair and a Rickenbacker bass just changed my view on bass players. He blasted sound waves through the set shaking the dust off the rafters of the old mill building the Jewel night club is housed in. Up until this point I thought bass players only played simple notes to songs and help keep the beat. Not hear, the dude with black hair showed me and most likely others that bass playing is an instrument played by few for good reason, it’s a complex instrument and not readily understood, that’s what I came away with while watching him play (and feel him play).
The Wildabouts album has just been released and from last night’s set this album is worth checking out and not just some commercial release by Scott Weiland to help pay the bills. Scott has put together a band. A band to record with, a band to tour with and a band to see live. Most song of course I didn't recognize mainly because they were mostly new material. The same licks were recognized in which Scott has been associated with, continues today as evident with the songs played last night. Some old Stone Temple Pilots tunes were thrown in to satisfy the fans of STP. I’m not sure they were needed but it worked. One particular song was played and as of this writing I have not looked for it on iTunes but will, was an acoustic song played as an encore. It was the only acoustic number played so you hard core rockers need not worry if you plan to see them live. I tell ya that I will admit that hearing this song made me glad to be alive. That’s the feeling I had while listening to it. As corny and stupid as it might sound to the hard core dudes out hear that’s what it was and I feel compelled to tell it as I felt and that’s how I felt. Real simple tune note wise but full of love and feeling this one came from deep within Scott’s inner self you can hear it. Scott writes from personal experience or personal feelings and he was on to something with this song, dynamite work Scott keep delivering that message dude, it’s working.
Do I have any complaints about the show the answer is yes. Listen up Bernie (owner/manager of the Jewel). Dude, you need to make an investment in air conditioning and at minimum an investment in air circulation. The club was stagnant with no spare oxygen. Never mind comfortable air conditioning. I can help; I just happen to be in the HVAC business and for a nominal fee and fix the problem that might put you out of business if not corrected. The sweat poured from my pours of the Coors Light I consumed the night before and apparently Scoot Weiland also. The only one who seemed to handle the heat was Nick. You could see the beads of perspiration come off the bodies of the performers with the back lighting. It was that visible. I looked around to see if there was just a problem with the AC that night and the answer is no. On the walls of the club there are grills not capable of handling the stagnant air. I will put it in perspective so most people can understand. Take a ten by twelve room put a ½ inch hole in the wall (this is the ventilation). Now put 2 dozen people in the room on a 95 degree high humidity day. Same affect Bernie, you cannot remove the air volume with the system you have in place. Bernie’s younger version (apparently his son or close relative) knew better than to hang around inside the club. During the night he would poke his head in the club to check things out and then quickly exit back outside, he’s no fool. Ladies who were up close to the stage at the beginning of the night left ½ way through the set with sweet pouring from their scalps from the extremely high humidity and heat inside the club. Wait until August for a full blown experience of overheating from the crowds. Possible Bernie you could attach a fee to the bands that play there to offset the costs of installing a system that can handle the crowds but expect some “rolling of the eyes” from band managers who feel your making plenty from the booze being consumed and might have some “choice words” for ya. We use ventilation as a minimum today Bernie this is not the 80’s anymore. Please install some air conditioning ASAP. Thanks Dess
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