Tuesday, May 19, 2015

YouTube & free, no income music

Lot of musicians are loosing money on sales of their music because of spots such as YouTube. I'm a big fan of YouTube like most folks and you will find me on their site each week. The problem is and I sympathize with musicians is that their songs are given away with no rewards from advertising. If you click on their official channel they do but you can often find hundreds that are not official channels and are by people that post their music and make the money off of advertising. Does sound fair does it. YouTube will remove the channel if you complain copyright violations. So this tells me YouTube is aware of the problem. Napster comes to mind while writing this. Napster was sued and shut down for a time until they cleared up the fact that music was being distributed for free with their full knowledge. its one thing when something is going on and your not aware of it it's another when your fully aware of the crimes being committed and wait until a Federal judge shuts you down to become compliant. YouTube is fully aware of the copyright infringement but generally could care less because they are making millions in advertising and have no intention of correcting the problem until a Federal judge shuts them down and then watch them scramble. Apple is working on a solution to the free music problem but as of this writing I have no details. It will take a company like Apple to correct the problem. If your a band you can hire some one full time to watch YouTube and file claims as needed. Led Zeppelin does this and I'm sure others do.

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