Saturday, August 15, 2015

Razor Blades and Batteries

I actually remembered which razor blade handle I had purchased last time and bought the correct blades for it this morning. The amount of different razor blades one can buy with different handle styles is disturbing. I had trouble with this early on, buying the wrong style blades, which the razor blade industry hopes you do, this increases revenue.(?)When you build a business model around that idea there is something wrong. Personally I stuck with the Market Basket(MB) brand.Go to Walmart and check out the different varieties of razor blade manufactures and different styles, this is what made me switch to MB.Mb stream lined the whole thing and only offers select styles and models. This increases your odds of picking which one you bought last. They have a whole side of one isle dedicated to razor blades, I walked out dizzy. MB brands are cheaper and there is a good chance that one of the larger manufacturers are the ones that Market Basket brands. For those who might be unaware of what I'm talking about is MB doesn't build there own razor blades they buy them from a manufacture and just repackage them. I use to buy major brand but no more its just too confusing which one I bought last. I would guess that major manufactures of razor blades have seen a decrease in sales on their own models and an increase in sales to places like MB. The whole thing reminds me of batteries and the different styles and models of such. The are so many different batteries that we now have "Batteries Plus" stores that sell only batteries.If the major manufactures of razor blades decrease the amount of models, I bet, guess what? An increase in sales. This goes against the grain but so didn't John Fitzgerald Kennedy when he told Congress that a decrease in taxes would increase revenue. They all laughed, guess what he was right it did worked. He decreased taxes and revenue for the Government increased and the country loved(s) him for that.

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