Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yahoo and Porn

Please Google, please buy Yahoo and put them out of business, please. Not sure how it happened and I'm having trouble removing it. Yahoo's portal comes up when I want to log on to the internet. I hate Yahoo. It is so annoying and an insult for Yahoo to think that I'm an idiot and try to fool me into thinking that the payed advertising that comes up on the front page is what I'm searching for . This tactic occurred in the early stages of the internet as companies tried to figure out how to make money on advertising while hosting, ya know to make the whole thing free for the user. So, when you looked up something the first 6 or so lines were actual advertisers and not the info you were trying to find. This got annoying after awhile and final Google kicked in and found other ways to make money on ad's yet keep the info that you are searching for on the front page. Please Google put Yahoo out of their misery. On top of that the text used by Yahoo is disturbing.It reminds of America On Line ad's years ago, just flat out disturbing. AOL had these ads about families getting together and "surfing" the internet together as a family affair like when the television first came out in the 50's. The fact was most people, at that time, were "surfing" for porn. Dirty porn and that's what we wanted AOL, dirty porn and if you weren't going to provide us with dirty porn then we found other search engine that did and this is the reason you don't exist today. Give the people what they want. Pregnancy rate, in the US, surly spiked during the mid to late nineties as young professionals would go home and practice "maneuvers" learned on the office computer. It was so bad, that at a company I was working at was issuing paper memo's and emails regarding porn on company computers and the amount of time being consumed by employees doing this. The company hired a lot of "fresh out of College" career starters. By mid day the temperature in office areas rose by ten degrees due to body heat generated by porno and the air-conditioner would kick on in the winter. It was so bad that the company bought some sort of program that combated search words used to find porn. Please Google, put Yahoo out of business, please.

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