Monday, October 5, 2015

Chrysler Engineers

Just got done putting in inner tie rods. Last year during car inspection I paid a local company $350 to put one new inner tie rod in the car so it will pass inspection. They never did the work. Inner tie rod sounds hard to do but I just did it in the driveway in 1 1/2 hours which is good timing. The engineers at Chrysler left plenty of room to do the job and it is not as hard as it sounds. The hardest part was measuring the old tie rod to put the new tie rod at the same length. I paid the dude but notice that he didn't do the job. He put a new inspection sticker on the car so I couldn't bitch too much but the problem still existed. Pretty sad when you charge some one for work that you never done. This year I bought all the parts needed to completely rebuild the front end of my black 300m. This way the front end is tight and I have no trouble during car inspection. One of the inspection process that they check on ten year old cars is how tight the front end is. Most inspection facilities are trying to pay the rent with your old car. If you can't work on your car your self it's not worth paying somebody to do repairs to this magnitude. I have been doing it for years not that I want to but just can't afford to pay a mechanic to do it. Believe me I would love to hand the keys to a mechanic and say "let me know when your done." Any ways "eff" that dude and his future failure of a business.

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