Saturday, October 3, 2015

To my friend

I see you have gotten out of your rocking chair.?! I wasn't quite sure who that was. That wasn't the rock and roll girl I knew and love. You married rock and roll long before you married him, so he's got to go. As soon as I see you put that Jack Daniels shirt back on I will be at your front door my dear. One of my top 3 tee shirts, I have vivid images. You are one of the sexiest yet fun to be with person I have ever meet and that was too many years ago. I look back on things now and every women I have meet I expected them to be like you and they weren't, far from it. That is how it has been. I left the the person I loved and that hurts bad.I have a song that the guitar part is just not coming to me and I now know why. It needs a piano. The song is called "Mother" and I wrote it at my bottom so it is very powerful and not a toy. I don't play piano but if I remember correctly you do. I refuse to use an acoustic guitar they are so boring. You have made the correct choice in life because it is how you want to live, I see it in your smile. With Love, your best friend Dess

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