Sunday, April 20, 2014

health care thing

Ok, I don't normally get political as a general rule because people get upset but I need to talk about and being bullied to talk about the health care thing going on in this country. First off I would like to say that I am a big fan of President Obama and we are witnessing one of the greatest presidencies in this country’s history Ya I am ranking him right with JFK. If not greater but I hesitate to say that because there are still some old school folks around. This health care thing is some kind of pet project with the President and he won’t let go. He is destroying his image as a great President over it. Mr. President let it go. The answer lies with the Canadian system. Its free to all citizens. No upfront cost, no complicated charts on what it will cost…its free. The Canadians have a VAT or value added tax. I have worked in Canada at Ontario Hydro a nuclear power plant in Canada and have talked about this with Canadians first hand. OK look it, they are not a big fan of the tax but they all admit that it works because it includes everybody and its free. President Obama is trying to reinvent the wheel the all he needs to do is adopt a system that works. The lower middle class is being screwed again because of his health care thing. Lower middle class people are an easy target because they can’t afford to fight such things as this because they are busy trying to pay the rent and put food on the table. And this can take 2 jobs and most of their time. The VAT is the answer and the next President will make a political platform on removing this health care thing. The next President will win the election based on this health care thing being removed. Having health care for everybody is a good thing and I don't know of anybody who will argue this but the current system doesn’t work and is jaded against the working class of this country. They are tired of being screwed Mr. President. Stop trying reinvent the wheel and adopt a system that works, They have worked the bugs out of the system and have been doing it for years, our friends in Canada will work with us in adopting their system. There has been times when I didn't have health care insurance and the last thing I could afford at that time was another $250 dollar bill from the government. Mr. President if you would like to go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents we have had, then remove this health care thing and adopt a system that includes all and works.

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