Sunday, April 13, 2014


Stumbling effect: this a technology stumbling effect that will happen in time and has already begun. Technology is out pacing the human race meaning it is changing way too fast for most people to keep up with. Corporations around the world are paying people big cash to keep up with technology and are still failing. The stumbling effect has to do with technology advancing so fast that it will stumble. Like a child that runs too fast and stumbled because he is running too fast. The same is true with technology: it is advancing too fast for people to keep up with including companies. Currently I attend school and the teacher is doing a fine job but what works with what as far as down loadable forms are still a mystery. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT VERTIONS OF FORMATS THAT THE WHOLE THING IS CONFUSING. A SIMPLE pdf FILE IS NO LOMNGER SIMPLE THE REASON IS EVERY COMPANY WANTS TO SET THE STANDARD FOR WHAT FILE WE WILL USE THE PROBLEM IS THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY TO CHOSE FROM. What I mean is Microsoft and other soft ware companies need to start setting standards with only 3 version to choose from and not dozens to choose from. I am not a programmer nor do I want to be one yet most programmers think we know the difference, we don't. Hope I make some sense because technology is out pacing us and if it doesn’t slow down there will be catastrophic failure in technology. It has already started with operating systems not recognizing formats and information lost. To correct the problem if it is to wait until it is a larger problem will take months or even years to correct. This is the part of the stumble then correction.

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