Sunday, September 28, 2014

Social Networking and the future of terrorism

I have mentioned in past posts about social networking and how it will be breaking down walls in different cultures and the world slowly evolving into one world. Currently we have boarders set up by "the old guard" in this world that is slowly eroding away due directly to the internet and social networking.I personally connect with people around the world because it flat out is cool. I look into their worlds via social networking and immediate notice the difference in cultures. These difference will erode in time, watch it will happen sooner than anticipated.Communism will cease to exist because of this and there is no stopping it, the internet is too vast to control. The down side to this is as follows:triggers will be sent out via the internet and social networking by groups of people, terrorists,that have never meet or will ever meet but signals to cause terrorism in their country on certain times and dates. These certain times and dates will attract other groups to get involved in this form of terrorism to make a connection that they are a part of it or for the headlines.It will be in the form of random acts of terror. New boarders will need to be formed over the internet to stop it, there is no other way to do so. This will be the NEW form of boundaries of countries.Internet channels will become monitored by government of individual countries, it will be too late for certain forms of government mainly communism. People will not tolerate any form of it, simply they have had enough.

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