Sunday, September 21, 2014


By the way Kay, in my song Better Looking Lone, Bettie Gill is you, I extracted that verse from your photo on Facebook the one where your laying on the bed with your legs spread (cloths on). "Betty Gill she such a freak, laying there and looking kind neat ya," Gill came from the stadium I live near in Manchester NH, Bettie is reference to Bettie Pagepersonally I have always admired Bettie Page because she show cased what people liked in the 1950's which was taboo at the time. In that same song are the verses, I don't know and I don't care, these are from my daughters: Jaxx and Stephanie (the princess of the family), Jaclyn is always saying "IDK" or "I don't know" on Facebook, that's all i here from her,I could ask her "what day is it?" and the reply will be "I don't know." Princess is always telling me "I don't care."( i know she does care but she likes saying that to me). In "Better looking Lone " that's where I got those lyrics from.I do my best to get my lyrics from social media or the internet in one form or another and in the future I will better explain where the lyrics come from. I believe it makes a song 10 times more interesting when you know where it came from. 2 more coming out by 2nd week in October with full explanation on where the lyrics came from. I haven't been doing it because the first 4 songs have been EP status(4 to 6 songs) and for psychological reasons I needed to exit EP status in which I will be doing in October and entering LP status.Song writing is difficult and many people don't realize it until they sit down and try to write a song. The first 9 songs that I plan to do are recent or fresh songs, I have many more that I have written but not applied guitar too and are currently only lyrics. Later, stay tuned

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